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imageedit_13_3441885467The Situation:

Anyone with any knowledge of Chronic Lyme Disease, it’s accompanying co-infections and the myriad of physical, mental and spiritual strains thereafter can attest to the hopelessness and heartache that Lymies are faced with. Aside from myself and my two children struggling to maintain our lives while battling this disease, another huge obstacle was brought to light last year two months before Thanksgiving in the form of recognizing that black mold toxins were present and infecting our bodies and infesting our home. As a result, my family has been told by a former LLMD (Lyme Literate Medical Doctor) to vacate our home and also to get rid of any infected items. These items include everything from the beds we sleep on to the clothes we wear to the curtains on the windows. Since then we have stayed here/there, trying to take breaks from the house. I have never been able to get anyone proffessional to help with our situation, and the homeowner tried to comply by ridding the wall which retained the mold, but did not treat the home accordingly, therefore it is still toxic. Additionally, we are unable to treat the Lyme and co-infections until we are successfully relocated to a safe housing environment. I do not have any family support as since diagnosis,they have chosen not to believe in the illness.

We have now been blessed with the opportunity to rent a house for a year with the option to buy it at the end of that year. The rent is $409 a month and the amount accrued over the duration of the first year would be applied to the buy thereafter. The house is available now, which means the sooner we can get financial assistance, the sooner we can move in. This house is a true blessing. It has been renovated, rewired and winterized which allows for cheaper utility bills and it is mold-free so we would be able to treat immediately. Our hope is to raise enough money towards several rent payments in our new home so that I can use any money from my disability checks to buy foods/herbals and to purchase Cowden protocol materials. This is truly a lifetime opportunity for our family and I believe it is an answered prayer. Having a house of our own will also allow us a space to install an Infrared sauna, crucial to our detox, that has been donated to our family.

I am a single parent living on a fixed income because I am currently on medical disabilty. I only receive $700 a month. My son (age 27) moved home so that he could help me to treat and to help provide assistance for my also infected daughter (age 6.)  He was diagnosed around 6 months ago with the same illness. We all need treatment, but him being younger and having fewer symptoms he has been able to work part time. This doesn’t amount to much when you consider the cost involved in herbals, supplements, and protocol materials for healing. I was diagnosed in 2011 although I believe I have been infected my entire life, the diseases are wreaking havoc over my entire body and my health is deteriorating quickly. We currently have no doctors and are barely maintaining symptoms. It is indeed time we start treating and able to rest in a safe environment while doing so. This opportunity again is certainly a ray of hope, It is my prayer that someone can help us and walk alongside our healing journey. I want to thank you for your consideration and I am hopeful those of you who are able will donate to our efforts to secure safe housing and treatments.


Monique, Justin & Penelope

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