ms and lyme

MS and Lyme

ms and lyme

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2 thoughts on “MS and Lyme”

  1. Thank you for Referencing Our Research Foundation Website in your Program.
    Our Purpose is to Raise funds to support the training of Graduate Scientists and
    Young MD Pathologists in Training to learn the skills for the Molecular Detection
    of The specific Borrelia DNA in the Spinal Fluid from living MS patients and from
    Autopsy brain tissues from Multiple Sclerosis patients.
    Please spread the word that The Paul H Duray MD Research Fellowship Foundation
    awards 100% of all monies raised through TAX Deductible donations
    to the Individual Paul Duray MD Research Fellows.
    We have not paid employees, All board members serve Pro Bono, and we have no
    paid fund raisers. Every dollar received goes to Multiple Sclerosis / Borrelia/ NeuroLyme
    Thanks so much,
    Alan B. MacDonald, MD, Board Member


    1. Thank you Dr Mac Donald, I copied your message and posted it above also so people would see it easier. Hopefully you guys can get some help with funding. Thank you for all your hard work.


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