Must Watch Lyme Disease Video by Dr. Al Miller

Must Watch Lyme Disease Video by Dr. Al Miller

Dr. Al Miller  talks about his changing views on Chronic Lyme disease as he watched his daughter in law suffer from it. He talks about the inaccurate Lyme disease tests along with how Lyme may bring out different symptoms, including psychiatric, in different people.

Learn more about:

  • Why Lyme tests are inaccurate
  • Which Lyme specific bands 31 & 34 were removed from most western blot tests.
  • What kind of symptoms different people will get with Lyme disease.
  • What indeterminate tests mean on the Western Blot.
  • How to get a more accurate Lyme test.
  • Which lab tests he likes. (LabCorp)
  • The difference between acute and chronic Lyme disease
  • Co infections
  • His comparison between Lyme disease and fire
  • Is ALS, MS and Alzheimer Disease really Lyme disease? (Read more on this subject here)
  • People with neurological diseases all need to be tested for Lyme disease properly.

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4 thoughts on “Must Watch Lyme Disease Video by Dr. Al Miller”

  1. Thank you for this informative video. What I think would be helpful would be to let us know where we need go in order to properly be tested for Lyme disease where they include band 31 and 34. Can we please get the name of the lab in order to be sure that nay testing done by our local doctor is sent to the appropriate labs.

  2. My grand daughter is currently in the process of a diagnosis of lyme.. she is only 2 years old. The tick was found about a month ago, and it showed the classic lyme bulleye. She was given 2 weeks of an antibiotics. And is now waiting on a tick panel next week. Yesterday she came to visit and played just fine, today she is very lethargic and sleeping most of the day, im so scared she may have lyme and after everything I have read drs have no clue as to what is going on and seems like they dont care either. Its sad, and I dont want to loose my grand daughter . Is it always fatal? What are the best treatments ? Which dr would you recommend in the missouri area?

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