Mycoplasma Fermentans

The most common of the Lyme Co-infection is Mycoplasma Fermentans. It is the smallest of bacteria’s and has the ability to enter any cell and alter itself, changing its cellular makeup with every cell division. It invades all systems of the human body.


flu-like aches and pains
cramps and spasms night sweats
intermittent fevers
memory loss
loss of concentration
Mycoplasmas are a heterogeneous group of the smallest organisms capable of self-replication. They can cause a wide variety of diseases in animals. Some mycoplasmas cause respiratory or urogenital diseases in humans. Mycoplasmas often chronically colonize our respiratory and urogenital tracts without apparent clinical significance.

lower abdominal
light sensitivity
visual disturbances
heart issues

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  1. Contracted Lyme July 2017. It’s epidemic in Pennsylvania yet, there are area ‘doctors’ who claim that “Lyme disease only exists in one, tiny Connecticut town”. WHAT!?! My physician’s assistant didn’t test for ANY co infections. More than a year later, I’m still sick. NO, I am not taking antidepressants, sleeping pills, anti psychotics, mood stabilizer’s, etc. WHY do they even prescribe such poisons for Lyme disease?I would like actual testing, to tell me exactly what’s wrong so I can decide how to treat it. Spent tons of money on Buhner herbs which did seem to help but how can I pick a synergistic combination of herbal products that will work when I do not know exactly what’s wrong? I see that we can order tests online & go to an independent lab BUT that’s big money. Then I’d be unable to pay for the curative herbs & supplemental remedies. So frustrating. Allopathy is a monopoly in the US. I’d love to see an Ayurvedic doctor or even a naturopath but they simply don’t exist anywhere near us. Travel? The costs are very high & adding travel costs, unattainable. I have a friend who’s an allopathic physician in N India(but he & his family use only Ayurvedic treatments!)and there are very good(and AFFORDABLE) Ayurvedic clinics, he’s recommended there. Also some very good naturopathic clinics in Mexico that are very affordable. It’s a damned shame to feel forced to go abroad for decent healthcare. Holistic dentists are also available/affordable in Mexico. Removing the old amalgams & root canals could only help. So now living like an air fern to save every nickle for real medical care abroad. We’re seeing so many children, elderly (and pets) suffering with chronic Lyme here in Pa & S. NY state. Only 1 person in our family is NOT infected with Lyme. God help us all.

    1. Mattie, you may want to find Sue Massey, ND and see if she can help you. She is a Christian naturopath who is active in the Lyme community. She offered me help years ago. I ended up going to LLMD’s who have brought me back from the brink of death. I think now maybe just mycoplasma remains to be treated. I’d also highly recommend seeing if you can join the Lyme-Rife community and possibly avail yourself of Rife treatment. Many people with Rife and Rife-type machines will share them with you. And look into getting a colloidal silver generator. Caution advised on the colloidal silver generation. It must be done very carefully to avoid argyria. (Hope I spelled that right.) Yeah, this cocktail of infections is a bear. I got Lyme in 1999 in California. Like you, my MD tried to diagnose me with a mental disorder – then did not inform me. And did no follow up, while I proceeded to get more and more ill. It has taken many years to forgive his arrogance and condescension. It robbed me of my wonderful life as I knew it, and now I’ve lived with more or less 20 years of endless suffering. I hear you. I’m much better, but we have a long road ahead of us in recovery. Thankfully a strong spiritual life has restored much joy to my life. There are a lot of ups and downs – for me, mood is affected by just feeling like crap on some days. Think there is probably another un-diagnosed stealth infection in me that was never found. We WILL heal and be restored one day. That is the hope I cling to. Don’t give up. You are not alone.

      1. You should try Kudzu for Lyme. The pill form.

        I started taking it about 4 weeks ago. My remaining symptoms were reduced by 40 percent in 4 days…60 percent by day 7. It has really brought everything down and me back.

        Stephen Bruhner mentions it about 4 times for 4 different things.

  2. I use longevity in roswell georgia. They will send u a kit for blood urine and hair then u return kit and they give u results AND how to treat it. Which u can get all needed treatments from them

    1. I know that there is supposed to be only one reliable lab in the USA that tests for m. fermantens and this is direct information from Dr. Garth Nicolson, a nationally known microbiologist, along with his wife, who actually developed the very first lab testing for m. fermantens. If you google Dr. Garth Nicolson and fine his site, you can find the name of the lab there. I believe it’s somewhere in Nevada. And for all of you fellow sufferers of this horrible disease, I would suggest you go onto Youtube and watch The Officially Ignored Link Between Lyme Disease and Plum Island. A very large amount of LLMDs support this version on how Lyme and the many co-infections came to be. As early as 1983, Dr. Joseph Burrascano testified before Congress regarding this travesty. I wish you all the very best and pray that you will heal and keep positive.

  3. If you want to get rid if M. Fermentans, or any other bug, just find some one with a rife machine that knows how to use it.

  4. Labs will test for regular mycoplasma but none will test for fermentens. Just as they wont test for SV40 virus that was in the polio vaccine. It causes cancer. If you don’t test for things then no one can be treated.

  5. the best book on lyme and its related infections is why can’t i get better? by richard i horowitz md. its available on kindle.he has great success with a protocol developed over many years of treating chronic lyme disease.

  6. I was treated for lyme with 18 months of Doxycycline, which reduced or eliminated numerous symptoms, a list of which I had printed from internet, including visual black floaters and flashes, body pains, abdominal pain, balance problems, fog brain, to list a few. The worst problem was chronic fatigue, which didn’t change.

    Then I read on internet that mycoplasma was a culprit for causing CFS and numerous other conditions like ALS, lupus, MS , fibromyalgia, RA, etc. My doctor did the blood test and I had a positive IgG for mycoplasma. I then researched treatment and the newer Ketolides and newer Floroquinolones were reported to kill mycoplasma, not just inhibit it’s reproduction like antibiotics do. The side effects of the newer Ketolides were possible sudden liver death so I decided to take the newer Floroquinolone treatment. The most discussed one that I read about is Levofloxacin, 500mg once a day for two weeks. The danger can be damage to ligaments, but I had taken ciprofloxacin in the past with no ill effects. After a few days on Levo the CFS was already reduced for the first time in many years. Now three weeks after treatment I feel like I have my life back. I can be active and not be dragging myself through the day. I am continuing to restore the health of my immune system and hope the mycoplasma has been eliminated!!!

    Please take the time to do internet research in order to understand your own illness and what the treatments are. Do not leave it up to the doctor, you need to know what is wrong with you, the causes and the treatment. I had no clue about lyme until a friend and I were comparing our long lists of symptoms. Then I did the research and fortunately was able to get the appropriate tests and treatments, by my own insistence, as no doctor had EVER figured out what was wrong with me.

    1. Thank you so much for sharing your story! I hope a lot of people see it. If you would like to do a guest post feel free to fill out the contact form above. Maybe your story would help others? We would be happy to share it for you on here.

  7. I most definitely tested positive for some Lyme’ Babesia, Bartonella, etc….

    I really have MORGELLONS.

    We need to start searching NOW for some treatments.

    1. I too have severe Morgellons, which I believe is another co-infection. Mine have become unbearable and I am seeking help for Lyme disease to try and help with the overload of Morgellons. They are throughout my system, but have literally mutilated my left eye. I am now blind in that eye. I have been to so many doctors and not a one will help me. The last one said I was delusional

  8. I have had lyme disease and have recently been diagnosed with mycoplasma fermentans. I am very interested in learning more about it.

    1. Hi Helen,

      Can i just ask you where you got tested, my mom and I are extremely sick with every symptom of M. Fermentans and have tested positive for lyme. I don’t believe this is just a tick anymore:-(( good luck, i hope you get well soon!

    2. Hi Helen,

      I was also wondering where you had your test as well… Some people say it’s a hard test to get done? I know a lot of us out here have it. If you have any additional information that you can share that would be great.

      1. pcr is a good test. also try a western blot. if you can get a sample smear atomic force microscopy can easily identify the microbe

        1. Could you please inform me on what PCR is? This is my first read to this site. I found alot of symptoms that I have if myexedema are similar to the mycoplasma ones. My cousin was diagnosed with Lyme that’s how I got to here first. I really do think with the links to my CFS, fibro, RA of a long early endurance of symptoms I suffered, stems to connect as well.. you know in research with another severe disease I always felt was connected was, my thyroid to my endometriosis. No doctors ever treated me until it was way too late. I was 2nd in Canada diagnosed with it, then 5 laparoscopies later, lots of severe pain for 40 years, now 60, and they still dont listen to patients. Just a repeat of ongoing bad training never fixed is my theory on that, but it continues on in the medical system whether complaints or not. If it takes 30 or more years for recognition to gain awards in research for one remedy or cure, we don’t have a hope in hell to be heard, do we. So then why not just keep getting more informed,, do our own research and find a way to get the info out to help others. You sure can’t do it while sick, nor are we all blessed to have funds or inherited money to be schooled either; doesn’t mean we are lacking brain power though, does it?
          Yes I sound discouraged and disgruntled, but I would be here had I not used my head while suffering all these years, still am. I lost patience now tho. I just don’t feel at this age, being the one disrespected told all the excuses for their lack of knowledge to being insulted for saving my own life, is the right if ones to have that control over my life. My lord, I suffered more damage if the operations being used as a test subject for trial and error, than treatment to what I endured. As said if not for me, I wouldn’t be here today for sure. But this does mean I don’t have respect for ones that saved me in a crisis during an operation. They should not suffer for the bad apples in the profession either. Sorry for the length here. I’m done now. Thanks for your time.
          Whoever you are! Seems you know your stuff too! Thanks.

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