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National Geograghic Article Explores all the Sides of Lyme Disease

Lyme News

These were all pulled out of the article:

What Is Lyme Disease? New Findings Deepen the Mystery by National Geographic

Raphael Stricker, a San Francisco–based internist who co-led the sexual transmission study, says the possibility of Lyme spreading that way would “change the whole picture.” It means that potentially ticks aren’t the only culprits.”

“Voices in the counterculture argue that Lyme’s symptoms are more intense and longer lasting than the medical establishment acknowledges. They say that symptoms of chronic Lyme disease are responsible for related deaths, including suicides from depression about the disease or from the trauma of persistent debilitating symptoms such as arthritis, heart problems, and cognitive impairment.”

“One theory—compelling but controversial—about the sudden emergence of the disease in Connecticut blames the accidental release of infected ticks during experiments at Plum Island Animal Disease Center, on Long Island Sound about eight miles south of Lyme.

Originally operated by the U.S. Army, then by the Department of Agriculture, and now by the Department of Homeland Security, the facility’s official mandate is defense research relating to agricultural bioterrorism.”

Read on to hear the different opinions of the two camps of “Lyme doctors.” The ones who bevieve in chronic Lyme and the ones who try to dismiss it.

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