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Need Help Getting Medicinal Cannabis? Meet Jordan Page


Guest Post from Jordan Page


Hi everyone! My name is Jordan Page, and I’m here to talk to you about medical cannabis and jordanits accessibility for those suffering from the effects of Lyme Disease.

As a nationally touring musician and freedom activist there are many causes that I fight for, and cannabis freedom has become one of my biggest ones. Throughout my many tours I work to educate my audiences on taking back their freedom, especially in regards to cannabis and its natural medicinal properties. After a few years of championing this cause, I learned that I have a strain of cannabis named after me, which is both hilarious and a huge honor. So it seems that my hard work is paying off! Check it out here on Facebook!

I am grateful that I was recently introduced to Lisa Hilton, who works tirelessly providing beacons of hope and life-saving information and support to people suffering from Lyme. After learning of my mission she asked me to introduce myself to your community and share the latest breakthrough in cannabis accessibility for those in need.

My activism has taken on new meaning, and I am proud to say that I am a caregiver and sponsor with CannaSense.

Visit us at:

CannaSense is a medical cannabis collective that operates in strict compliance with the Affordable Care Act, the Compassionate Use Act and the 10th amendment of the Constitution. We are not a dispensary, but we help patients gain access to cannabis medicine regardless of where they live. Despite the schedule 1 status of cannabis, the laws I just mentioned allow people anywhere in the US to become members of a cannabis collective with the recommendation of a doctor. CannaSense has partnered with a tele-health service, PrestoDoctor, and set up a video conference consultation system for our members with a CA board certified doctor. This doctor gives patients a written recommendation and a legal medical card, after which patients are approved for membership with CannaSense. Once membership is established and a person becomes a patient of CannaSense, they are given access to the online Apothecary store and are able to make purchases which ship directly and discretely to their home.

The medicine provided through the CannaSense Apothecary is medical grade and ranges from flowers to oils, concentrates, vape kits, edibles, and more. The best part of this organization is that it has established the CannaSense Foundation, an entity that will provide a full legal defense team at no cost to members should any cannabis related legal issues ever arise.

Caregivers and members also have the option of earning income, or credit toward their purchases, for sponsoring patients who become members of the collective. It is a wonderful organization and I am very proud to be part of it. We are helping people all over the US gain much needed access to their medicine while staying within the guidelines of the law.

As many of you know even better than I do, cannabis is effective at treating Lyme and its many debilitating symptoms. There is new research coming out all the time.


If this interests you I am happy to talk to you.  I can be reached through my personal email:

For fun, here is my recent appearance at NH Hempfest where I speak on the evils of prohibition and perform my new pro-cannabis song: Hmm…Did You Know


Thank you and God Bless You!

Jordan Page

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48 thoughts on “Need Help Getting Medicinal Cannabis? Meet Jordan Page”

  1. This is an obvious scam, if MLM didn’t tip you off right away. Claims to be legal in all 50 states is an obvious lie. Claiming to cover legal costs for anyone who gets busted is legally “insurance” and thus requires an insurance license in any state they offer it. Among other obvious problems. These people really have no clue what they are doing, other than taking money over bogus claims.

  2. Have had polyps in my ear since I was 4 and I am 27 now I’ve had 8 surgeries from 8 to 19 and they have got it all out but had to take all of the ear drawing a part in getting close to have and and I’ll post you have outpatient surgery every 3 to 6 months it is very painful need a sponsorship so could you please sponsor me a if you could please send a email to at Somerville

  3. I had a disc removed from my neck and had a metal plate put back in my neck. From that I have severe neck and upper back pain. In my lower back I have 3 bulging discs and severe lower back pain. I also had a wreck in 2015 and injured my low back worse. I also have anxiety and depression. I also sleep apnea and also have arthwriteous

  4. Hi Jordan,

    Your local DEA office would like a chat with you. You are aware that mailing any product containing THC across state lines is a felony I take it?

  5. I have arthritis throughout my body bone on bone on my shoulders and had one hip replaced and now I have the other one done I hate taking the pain pills they cause more problems than what they’re worth I would like to get some help with this please thank you

  6. I havery bad arthritis it’s bone on bone on both hips and both shoulders I’m supposed to have an operation to have a reverse shoulder put in and then the next one will be the other side I’m in a lot of pain I hate taking pain pills they don’t really help I guess I just think they do I would like some help

  7. Yes I would like to see if I can get help with getting cannabis for my problem ingenuity internal back have arthritis in my joints my knees and my back have a deteriorating bone in my lower back

  8. Ifell and broke hip said i had ra in my nee my arm hurts all the time and numb cant sleep for all the pain proabley need nee and toe surgy can u help me thank u so much!

    I have almost everything every body in their older age aquires sholders,knees, siatic and lower back pain, had open heart surgery and get chest pains even though corrected. I don’t sleep well ,there’s not enough room for more.

    1. I only would try edibles, I am convinced cannabis is safer for human consumption than opioid meds and the usual perscibed white pills. Please get in touch, thank you

  10. William
    Hello I live in Georgia And I suffer With Degenerate arthritis and ptsd can u help me.

  11. I was in a head on car accident as a passenger at age seven in 1965 ,I went thru the windshield ,no seatbelt of course in those days,my low back was damaged ,lived at Dr.s offices and chiropractics my whole life ,finally gave in when could take no more and had two low back surgeries back to back one year apart.I waited too long according to my surgeon ,I feel as bad as before the surgeries,Four discs removed and replaced ,fused and rods put in.I now go to a pain DR. to get opiotes to get thru the day.I do believe the Lord our GOD put the hemp plant here for our needs,as quoted by Jesus ,my father has put all you will need here on earth for us to survive.I live in Arkansas where it has became legal but this state I do not see it going forth very fast,I want to get off these rotten pills and do my pain therapy the least harmful way and be able to smile . I paid my dues and worked hard up till I could not work anymore.I am 57 now and suffer. Please help me .

  12. Hi I’m in Texas and have had a series of car accidents and suffer from chronic back pain .I have several intruding and bulging disc could risk get paralyzed on one side of my body .I’m always in pain in my back in hip ,and shoulder. I use to see doctors but I’m scared of getting cut again so I just try and deal with the pain.cause I smoke all the time illegally but it helps me soap with the pain .,but I wish I could get it prescribed to me cause I stopped seeing doctors cause they want me to have surgery and it’s one of those things to where they trying to see if they can help fix the problem but no guarantee that any one can fix it the just say they will try to help me with replacement disc and artificial joints but I did my homework on it and it’s something not fixable. I just try and clap with the pain and don’t see a doctor cause I don’t like narcotic pills and they are strict if you don’t take them,so how can I get to talk to someone to see if I qualify for the cannasense card and medicine. Thanks for your time .

  13. I have chronic pain from a amputated toe and a gun shot to my upper leg wit bolts and rods really bad arthritis in my lower back and shoulders really would like to no how I can get medical marijuana I live in West Virginia and have a medical card for medical marijuana but all I can get is the cream would like to get some smoke please help me

  14. I haven’t been able to work for 2 years due to PTSD,depression,panic attack’s .If I sleep 3 hours a night Im luckey. I feel im at the end of my rope .Im sick of all of the meds that I can’t afford . Times I feel Im better off to not even exist . please contact me about Cannasense . Thank You

  15. I am a critical care nurse of 14 years, but I have had chronic Lyme for over 10 years which was misdiagnosed until 2014. This is my 2nd PICC line for IV antibiotics, herbal Lyme killers, over 40 supplements, antiparisitics for Babesia, Bartonella & Protazoan infections. Also dealing with mold. Lol
    My story is below. I am simply in so much pain I can’t sleep now. Multiple people have told me about medical marijuana for Lyme disease. Despite my previous inhibitions & what family may think I would like to see if it would help me. I can’t work. Most days leave the house except to get the mail. I have soooooooo much I want to do with my life and I am stuck in what seems and endless below for its entirety. This is not just Australia but an epidemic everywhere. If you make it to the end, which I pray you do…this is why I want to get to Germany or Tijuana. Please continue to pass on to friends and family. I’m ready to get back to life as I knew it. Thank you so much for your help.

      1. I have had a total of 10 surgeries including three back surgeries, the last one included a fusion and spinal stenosis, full hip replacement, both full knee replacement. I have a very difficult time sleeping and was prescribed amitriptyline which works for one night but then I was hungover the next day. I tried it one more time and it didn’t even work at all. I only sleep about 3 hours a night despite the fact that I take Xanax also I take 4 hydrocodone daily 5 / 325 but I still am in chronic pain. I also take meloxicam, amlodipine, and now I have recently started with Lyrica. Nothing seems to work and my back and my knees bother me the most.I can do only light lifting because it causes a lot of pain to my back ..I am bedridden for the most part but I do whatever I can because I’m tired of laying around. I have tried CBD oil for a short period of time and noticed no difference. I am really not in favor of marijuana but if it will help me I would be glad to use it as long as it was legal. I don’t know if you need approval from my doctor but I have a feeling that he would not approve it but this is just my opinion.. My goal is not to get high but you be well and able to function properly. I have exhausted all my options as far as I know and that’s why I am emailing you. I did Roofing work for 25 years and it has taken a toll on my body.. Your response will be appreciated.

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