Neighbors Light Up Their Block Green for Neighbor with Lyme Disease

Local Port Orange resident Amy Galbo has been suffering from Lyme Disease for about 20 years. Lyme is a very misunderstood, easily misdiagnosed and hard to treat infection. If it is left undiagnosed, then untreated, it will turn into a chronic infection.

Lyme patients, also known as “Lymies” are all gathering in rallies, protests, walks and different campaigns this May to help spread Lyme Disease Awareness.  One of the campaigns is called, “Samantha’s Green Porch Light Project.” People can put a green light bulb in their porch light to show support and awareness of Lyme Disease.

So imagine Amy’s surprise when she went to take her dog, Kenai out for a walk tonight and she saw all her neighbors had replaced their lights with green lights. Amy says, “My eyes welled up with tears.” as she walked her dog down the street.

Another neighbor, Victor made a bird house in her honor. He had seen Amy’s Lyme Awareness posts on Facebook and inquired about how it affected Amy. Next thing she knew he had made a lime green birdfeeder and posted a “Lyme Awareness” sign on it.

Below are pictures of Amy’s road. If you would like to participate in Lyme Awareness Projects this May please visit this link to see what you can do.




One thought on “Neighbors Light Up Their Block Green for Neighbor with Lyme Disease”

  1. THANK YOU to all of Amy’s neighbors!!! This made me, a fellow Lymie, tear up! We have our green lights shining, but are alone here in this event, but seeing others’ lights blesses my heart! God bless you all! <3 Sydni <3

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