New Book “Lyme Loonies” by David Skidmore

logo_frontMost of you in the Lyme support groups have seen some of David’s funny and satirical cartoons. He exposes the truth of what Lyme patients go through, many times with the medical system, and puts it in pictures.

From PRwebs: “David Skidmore’s New Book “Lyme Loonies” is a Creatively Crafted and Vividly Illustrated Journey into the Truths and Myths of Living with Lyme Disease.”


Learn more about David Skidmore’s book here.


One thought on “New Book “Lyme Loonies” by David Skidmore”

  1. lisa/all,

    i have been in contact with the publisher about the OBJECTIONABLE TITLE of book & horrible cartoon on front.

    here is his reply to me:

    On Friday, September 18, 2015 12:58 PM, Page Publishing wrote:


    Thank you for your feedback. We will be sure to pass this along to the author.

    Ultimately, selecting a title remains the author’s decision.

    The author, David Skidmore, provided an introduction to his book that explains his reasoning for creating the work and naming it as he chose.

    I have included it in this email for your review and hope this will provide you with some comfort as to the author’s intentions.


    Things that make you go “hmmm.” Life is either a comedy or tragedy. Lyme Loonies is a little bit of both.

    I’m David Skidmore, creator of Lyme Loonies. I know there are many out there dealing with the misery, multisymptoms and mystery of Lyme.

    Something else I know is that a daily dose of comedy can bring laughter and hope to those suffering.

    Lyme Loonies is a series of cartoons that captures Lyme patients at their most vulnerable and desperate, while hanging on to their sense of humor.

    The cartoons are my way of expressing hope, humor, politics, and, yes, even revolt at the tug-of-war in which we find ourselves regarding funding, diagnosis, treatment, education, cure, prevention, and public apathy.

    I’m just writing and drawing about Lyme disease as I see it, hear it, and feel it.

    For almost five years, I have had this disease, every coinfection, and major neurological complications. Yes, I have all the goodies!

    Let me stress that Lyme Loonies is not about making fun of those affected by the disease.

    I know firsthand the pain, suffering, and confusion that Lyme can cause.

    The name Lyme Loonies was born when I first started creating the cartoons and pondered over a name for the series.

    Well, it just so happened that I read an article about a well-known doctor who was stepping down as head of research on Lyme with a federal organization.

    As he was bidding goodbye, he wrote a colleague, “I will certainly miss all of you people—the scientists, but not the Lyme loonies.”

    Bingo! I thought, “Here is a doctor of significant power and influence regarding the current and future state of our health, a man who took the Hippocratic Oath to honor the profession of medicine and, specifically, to cause no harm.”

    As I see it, this doctor’s use of Lyme loonies was disparaging and caused a lot of harm both emotionally and scientifically.

    As a Lyme patient, I thought, “Wouldn’t it make sense for our community to embrace Lyme loonies?” That was the remark that launched the Lyme Loonies cartoons.

    He will see that name and know that we will not be diminished by a flippant phrase.

    We have embraced it as ours! Plus, what could be more loony than what we go through with this disease?

    Lyme disease is controversial.

    No matter what side of the fence you’re on regarding Lyme disease, treatment, coinfections, and chronic Lyme, I create cartoons in the spirit that we are human beings with families, coworkers, and friends; and many of us are holding on as best we can.

    So please don’t make fun of us. Help us.

    I hope this illustrates that there is certainly nothing offensive intended by the title or book.


    Nick Hoffman
    Executive Vice President
    Page Publishing, Inc.

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