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New Book out by Jenny Rush: Chronic Illness as an access to Quantum Healing


Chronic Illness as an Access to Quantum Healing

New book by Jenny Rush from Lyme Thriving!

Jenny Rush is a motivational  speaker and does what she can to help empower the Lyme community. She offers her time for free, giving teleconferences, doing retreats and speaking of the “spiritual side of Lyme.”

Available in an Audio Book now too!


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One thought on “New Book out by Jenny Rush: Chronic Illness as an access to Quantum Healing”

  1. hi jenny,

    i went to site where book is; i do NOT see anywhere we are to sign up for the FREE BOOK when it comes out.

    give you give us TECH CHALLENGED lyme/co-infection patients guidance/step-by-step instructions?

    hugs thanks 😉

    what FONT is used in your book? i can’t read timesnewroman/georgia like fonts…runsallwords togetherlike thisforme.

    bettyg, iowa activist

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