New Documentary coming out on Lyme Disease, “S.O.S”

lyme documentaryNew Lyme Documentary, “S.O.S”

Our friend Desi, from the Netherlands reached out to us today to let us know about a new documentary titled, “S.O.S.” that they are working on about the perils of Lyme disease. This documentary will include patients, doctors and celebrities.

Included in the documentary will be the most serious aspects of Lyme disease such as paralysis, blindness, and pain. They will also be touching on sensitive subjects such as parents being accused of Munchausen Syndrome, euthanasia, welfare issues and misdiagnoses. Patients will be interviewed as well as Dutch experts and international physicians such as Dr. Burrescano, Dr. Klinghardt and Dr. Schwarzbach.

We would like to get others involved in this documentary. If you know of any celebrities or other Lyme doctors that might be intrested, can you contact Desi at:

Please learn more about this important Lyme disease documentary here: 

Website: www.lymeepidemie
utch Facebook Page:

Thank you!


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