New Jersey Carpools to get to Mayday



Carpools in NJ

South New Jersey

Elaine Kelly Email me if you want to put together a carpool! 
I am in south Jersey … would be interested if I could find a car pool this way …

South New Jersey

(toms river or ocean county area)
Email Melissa at
I’ve got an 8 seater SUV for mayday leaving from exit 74 rest stop on the garden state parkway.

5 thoughts on “New Jersey Carpools to get to Mayday”

  1. Looking to catch a ride in the South Jersey area. I live in Somers Point (ocean city). I can’t believe I saying this but Exit 30 GSP. I would love to drive but my husband will have my car. Thank you and take care of you and yours, Tara

  2. I’m in Northeast PA and will be picking up riders along the way thru into NJ, looking to meet up somewhere south of Philly to join the Lyme Train down to VA find me on facebook or email:

  3. Elaine, I am in Central…near the beautiful city of Trenton. Got a minivan…not in the greatest shape. If not, we could always rent something. At this moment, planning on bringing my sis in law.

      1. Sorry, Elaine, I have decided to pass this year. Once again, it falls on my daughter’s prom weekend. This is not her first prom but it is the first one with a serious boyfriend, so I really want to be there for her. 5/22 is my birthday and I did want to celebrate it at Mayday but I will have to be celebrating it in spirit. I love you all who work so hard to advocate for those us all. I do know that the message is greater in numbers. Next year in Israel, is something we Jews say at our Passover….so I will say this for me and others a promise that one day I will get there…”Next Year at Mayday”. Many hugs! <3 Jess

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