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Lyme Cryme from TruthCures presents:

A new documentary on Lyme disease exposing the crooked medical societies for what they are.

Thomas Grier, M.S. comments on this Documentary


Thomas Grier M.S. Notes on Facebook

Pointing out key chronological dates in the beginning would be helpful:

1993- Patent for OSP-A vaccine (noting the people)
1994 (October) Dearborn MI Dressler Lyme Disease Reporting Criteria was created
1999- FDA approved “LYMERIX” vaccine SKG

And many more important dates would be helpful. Every book needs a table of contents and this could be a place to start.

I am so glad that this video is presented in an style where complex topics are explained and not just blurting out a reference like Occam’s Razor, or send you to another link on another page, like her websites often do.

One link leading to more links leading to more is a sure-fire way to lose Lyme patients and most others trying to follow a complicated thread. So this video is long overdue to put those threads and links in a cogent presentation. (or another way of saying: not-crazy ramblings)

With that said not everything connecting A to B to C is crystal clear, and requires some thought to process. I do think that if ever you were to make these arguments in a court of law the two things they need are: crystal clear science without slogans or abbreviations and an insider whistle-blower. (please someone develop a conscience and tell the truth!)

When Kathleen talks about: “Lyme is a Fungal Infection”, I know what she means, but I cringe. I would rather each time it is mentioned that it is not an abbreviated phrase, but rather every time point out that the tri-lipid, pam-3-Cys lipid portion of OSP-A acts on the toll-like receptors TLR-1 and TLR-2 in a similar fashion as fungal antigens shed by fungus: Thus suppressing the T-cells and the immune system. Then please remind us how this portion of OSP-A was deleted and manipulated to support the Dressler Lyme Disease Reporting Criteria that was penned in 1994 in Dearborn Michigan.

Another shortcut abbreviation is to say that Lyme disease is not caused by a bacterium.

The argument that spirochetes are a parasitic missing link is nice to know but we have to grope around in murky waters already so understanding the phylogeny of the Borrelia “BACTERIA” is where we have to live.

I would totally agree that Borrelia and treponeme spirochetes are pathogenic parasitic spirochetes in a class by themselves and that scientific semantics are employed to classify the Lyme group of Borrelia separate from Relapsing Fevers and that they act as a group like parasites.

But these pathogenic organisms cause disease, they enter many tissues, and their role and presence goes far beyond just immune suppression.

Heart inflammation certainly played a role in three known recent Lyme disease deaths. So the immune system is not always suppressed. Did they all have hyper-immune responses? That is actually a very good question. To answer that we should be doing what we should have done 25 years ago and that is tissue type all known Lyme patients and Chronic Lyme Presenting patients.

To say that by definition you have to have a swollen knee, is not always true. I understand the purpose here to make two divisions between Neurologic-Immune Suppression type Lyme, and Arthritic Lyme with regards to Dearborn MI. Perhaps it is part of the “Lyme Definition” but patients with swollen knees have been known to have seveere neurological symptoms. I know because I am one of them and not HLA-DR2-4 positive.

In the present world it is not that black and white. The two groups exist but once again speaking in absolutes in a court of law could just bog everything down. I have seen patients with arthritic Lyme with neurologic symptoms and chronic Lyme. I myself had swollen knuckles and sore knee joints, but my main complaints have always been neurological nd chronic.

So speaking in absolutes can cause delays and unnecessary arguments from the bad guys.

As for immune suppression, the fact that companies use these same suppressed T-cells, B-cells and macrophage cells in antigen challenges to detect and diagnose Lyme disease, suggests that immune “suppression” might be a relative term.

We often see after a course of antibiotics sero-conversions and emergence of OSP-A bands on a Western Blot. Does immune-suppression occur? Yes – but to make it Black and White and to say no antibody is produced is arguable.

Lets not ignore cause and effect medicine. Bacteria enter the body – we get sick – antibiotics help improve many neurological patient’s lives (not completely in many cases). I would hate to see tpatients and doctors skipping antibiotics because OSP-A antigen have already done its damage, suppressed the immune system and caused an untreatable chronic disease.

Twenty-five years of running a LDSG has taught me that you never count a patient down for the count until they die, and then autopsies tell us the other part of the story beyond immune suppression. Improvements can happen despite immune-suppression.

Speaking in absolute terms in medicine is dangerous, and applying absolutes in science is usually ill advised. The example here is the repeated statement that: “OSP-A vaccine causes Lyme disease”.

That is certainly part of the story- OSP-A is shed, OSP-A is taken up by the inate immune system, OSP-A can accumulate, and it causes problems, but lets not diminish the role of live Borrelia in the brains of seronegative Alzheimer’s Dementia, Lewy-Body Dementia, MS and Lewy-Body Parkinsons disease and Glioblastoma Multiforme. The presence of live Borrelia inflicts damage beyond the role of just OSP-A.

The presence of LIVE bacteria probably plays more roles than just delivering OSP-A to the body and suppressing T-cells, macrophage and B-cell functions.

In 1993 a group of hundreds of biological scientists signed a petition against the use of OSP-A in a human vaccine. (Actually two OSP-A vaccine were in development one from Connaught labs and the other was Lymerix)

I signed that petition because I had seen published evidence that OSP-A antigen accumulated in mouse and human joints. It seemed to me knowing about Streptococcus antigens causing antibody complexes in the kidneys might be a similar model, and that OSP-A antibody complexes needed to be medically investigated especially in regards to joints.

Dr. Ron Shell PhD of Madison proved this repeatedly in hamsters and mice, so I wholeheartedly signed the petition. I felt that exposure to Lyme disease may be similar to exposure to the Relapsing Fever Borrelia B. crocidurae in Africa where antibody complexes caused fatal clots in the lungs and kidneys of patients.

Of course now Kathleen and Laura have pointed out even more OSP-A related problems.

As the vaccine went through human trial, myself and others pointed out that the study administrators were deleting populations of patients with side effects, and never allowed those patients as statistics in the vaccine side-effect profile. It was built into the protocols, and Dr Sam Donta’s warning went unheeded when he pointed this out in several public forums including the Spring of 1994 LDF International Lyme Conference.

While I had immense objection to the Frank Dressler Lyme Reporting criteria, I had no idea of the shenanigans being played in Dearborn MI with the Lipid portion of OSP-A or a rigged assay and antibody profile that was meant to get a vaccine that had no business being approved, to get approved through scientific semantics.

I did think that a large meeting of epidemiologists at the same time all trying to suppress the true incidence of Lyme disease in their state, may have led them to pressure and delete key bands on the Western Bot. (Ironically Lyme cases kept rising despite the ham-stringing of the test and what seemed to me as completely arbitrary reporting-criteria. 5 out of 10 bands Really! No OSP-A or OSP-B Really! But then include band 41 kda flagella potein? At this point I knew something was wrong. Kathleen pinpointed it long before any of us had a the inside data of how the assays were created and how they were manipulated to suppress neurologic Lyme disease.

More real world cause and effect medicine, is creating new Lyme tests.

Every real scientist wants to detect Borrelia in Chronic Neurological Borreliosis patients.

To that end we have (for our own internal controls) put into development a PCR test that does not just detect B. burgdorferi using an OSP-A nucleotide based primer. Instead we used a nucleotide sequence common to all Lyme-Group Flagellin protein and a 2nd PCR to detect just Relapsing Fever using a unique flagellin nucleotide sequence common to the entire group of Relapsing Fevers, but no cross-over to the Lyme group. So there are ways around serology tests affected by immune suppression, and boot-strapped reporting criteria.

The problem are the villains won’t allow it. Even now the bad guys only want the C6-peptide test allowed as the first tier testing, and in the UK to not allow any other Lyme ELISA to exist or be suppoted by their Health-Ministry. So much for competition and free market.

I love the way this video has found and isolated the villains, and proved the complicity of these interconnected bad-guys, and shows how science that was once used to cure patients (pre-1950s): is now manipulated for profit. And the profiteers knowing full-well that harm is being done to both existing, and future patients.

It cannot be over emphasized that the ALDF was complicit in supporting misinformation about Borreliosis and were supported by the ACP, and IDSA. Also mentioning the Valhalla NY Lyme Clinic and the role Wormer and Yale played with Lymerix might be a nice addition.

Yes prosecute them, punish them and clean up medical research and conflicts of interest. I support that 100 % – but how to get it to court and make it all understandable?

The final quote I totally agree with is: “There is something sinister going on.” Kathleen Dickson

Validation: check

Tom Grier


2 thoughts on “New Lyme Disease Documentary”

  1. To be successful, prosecution, one must first engage the victim population who, in this case, have problems enough just processing daily information much less scientific, medical information and/or legal information. This documentary did this successfully, in my opinion. Now someone must pick up the ball and carry it for another first down and 10 yards at a time until a touchdown is scored. I hope it happens. I have my doubts. If you are a lawyer, i.e. Jennifer, I’m calling the play and it’s a handoff to you. Just take it and run and we will provide the blocking for you.

  2. I agree with Mr. Grier’s comments. My cell bio background is limited and distant, but I think I understand your assertions, and they are damning. I appreciate that “knee-arthritis” is a shortcut, but it may confuse and alienate. Somehow we need to be clearer about what the 15% includes.

    Totally agree with your comments re: activism. We patients need to take pages from AIDS movement, and emphasize the mysogynous element of IDSA, mainstream med as it relates to Lyme. Women are involved because (often) we are the caretakers and voice of the family. We need male partners in this.

    You ladies don’t tell us who you are or how to reach you. If someone w deep pockets found the film compelling, how would s/he find you?

    You’ve done an excellent job, but would still be well-served by a PR/Communications pro who could help you with tricky aspects of the narrative. Even with a science background, it was a little rugged.

    Need to explain what flagellin is for the ‘chetes.

    We need to get one of the Lyme nonprofits to host educational content like this that meets a reasonable/reliable scientific standard. Then we need kits activists can used to influence lawmakers and opinion makers.

    Need the NYT to publish a series based on your findings. Or WaPo. And SF Chronicle. The Guardian (England) and Le Monde (France). Basically, you need a corporate communications pro to help you w this. We need a multi year strategy to educate and influence.

    Related: these kinds of presentations always benefit from increased use, visuals.

    And somehow, we need to convince scientists and VC firms that there is a HUGE market of chronic patients, clamoring for cure. If the govt won’t do its job, we must appeal, private sector.

    And we need to sell a law school on the opportunity to make history, prosecuting the racketeering charge. Oh, how I’d love to see Yale (my grad school) Law do this; the irony would be delicious. The old white men are retiring. We need to capture hearts/minds of up-coming younger scientists.

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