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New Mexico Lyme Support Group

New Mexico Lyme Support

New Mexico Lyme Support Groups

New Mexico Lyme Disease Support is free to join. There is a ton of information, free monthly newsletter, doc list, and free Lyme Get Togethers monthly where people can view Under Our Skin. Just email Diane at: Public email address:

Lyme Disease Statistics

Click here to see the Tick Check estimated cases of Lyme Disease vs the CDC map of confirmed cases.

5 thoughts on “New Mexico Lyme Support Group”

  1. Are You a Member of “New Mexico Lyme Disease Support” (group)?

    If so, I am also a member of “New Mexico Lyme Disease Support” and am sorry to post this very sad
    news. Ms. Diane J. Marie, President of “New Mexico Lyme Disease Support”, lost her battle with heart
    and lung diseases on November 5, 2017. Diane had moved to Omaha, Nebraska, in 2016. Diane’s
    Doctor in Omaha told her that her heart and lung diseases were due to complications of long-term
    cigarette smoking. Diane experienced two heart attacks in 2017 and had heart surgery on September 19,
    2017. However, Diane’s body rejected the new heart valve that a surgeon had replaced with her failed
    valve. There were other, additional heart issues, as well. Diane’s heart issues were complicated, as
    well, by a serious lung disease. As I was a close friend to Diane, I feel sure that Diane would want you all
    to know that she considered her Lyme Disease virtually “cured”. In addition, as Diane was the first to
    say, “There is Hope for you”, I feel sure Diane would want you all to keep the Hope. As you are all aware,
    Diane was our beloved leader of “New Mexico Lyme Disease Support” and dedicated each and every day
    of her life, since approximately 2007, to serving, all in a volunteer capacity, those in New Mexico who
    contacted her for Lyme Disease support. Diane conducted monthly meetings (until she moved to Omaha)
    in Albuquerque, for those newly-diagnosed with Lyme Disease. Diane also distributed (via e-mail) her very
    comprehensive and informative Lyme newsletters every month to over 350 “New Mexico Lyme Disease
    Support” members. Diane had contacts in the Lyme Disease community nationwide, as well, and will be
    very missed by all who knew and loved her. As I do not have access to the list of e-mail addresses for
    each of the 350+ members whom Diane sent monthly newsletters, I am posting here to relay this sad
    news. If you have read this notice and know other members within “New Mexico Lyme Disease Support”
    (group), could you please pass this sad news along? Again, it is with great sadness that I pass along this
    notice to all of you of Diane’s passing. Could you please keep Diane’s memory alive by considering to
    educate those unaware of the epidemic of Lyme Disease in the USA and abroad? Thank you.
    May you all keep the Hope, be strong, and ultimately overcome your Lyme Disease, if you haven’t
    hopefully already done so.

    In Loving Memory of Diane J. Marie.

    This notice was posted January 5, 2018.

  2. Desperately need a LLMD. I highly suspect both my daughter and myself have Lyme but I can’t convince any doctor here in El Paso to test us. She is only 13 and going down the tubes really fast. Please help.

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