New Tick Bite? What to do…

New Tick Bite? What to do…

If you get bit by a tick, a weird rash shows up or you have any Lyme symptoms at all, print this out for your doctor before going in. Your doctor most likely has old “treatment guidelines” that he/she knows. This is the updated version by the National Guideline Clearinghouse with the updated ILADS treatment guidelines that says to treat with long term antibiotics, not the stupid “2 pills of Doxy” that doctors are giving nowadays. Its states very clearly in here that that is not going to cut it. They need to treat right away.. so people don’t become chronic like so many of us did do to not getting the proper treatment in the beginning. 

New Lyme Treatment Guidelines

For those who go the natural path..
here is a link to Stephen Buhner’s protocols for new tick bites.…/transmission/recent-bites/

Why accepting only two pills of Doxycyclene are not enough

Be well everyone.

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