New Website, Lymeology, Looking for Writers and Bloggers!


Lymeology Is Looking for Writers, Bloggers, & Creatives!

Lymeology is an upcoming editorial website by and for chronic Lyme disease patients.
We launch in May and we’re looking for contributing writers! We want you:
• If you have (or had) Chronic Lyme Disease and/or Multiple Chronic Infectious

Disease Syndrome or care for someone with Lyme.

• If you’re a good writer with a solid grasp of the English language and better-than-

average grammatical skills.

• If you want to write about the Lyme life and/or the science behind the disease

process in a supportive, uplifting environment.

We’re looking for regular contributors and one-time submissions.
For more details, to submit an article, or to inquire about applying to be a
regular contributor, please email kate(at)lymeology(dot)com.
We also welcome other types of submissions, such as art, photography, poetry, etc.

We look forward to hearing from you!


2 thoughts on “New Website, Lymeology, Looking for Writers and Bloggers!”

  1. Hello Kate,
    My name is Janet L. DeCesare and I have Lyme disease and Rocky Mt. spotted Fever, I am a 24 year Lyme disease survivor and Author of a book I wrote in 2011 called, Ticked Off. I have written many articles for our local newspaper, and a few magazines in the past. I am a Lyme disease advocate who has and still does help others who are suffering with it. I treated for years with long term antibiotics as well as vitamin and supplements. I was doing quite well until two years ago when I had a total knee replacement. Not realizing at the time that Lyme does not like trauma to the body, I never gave it a thought. Having the knee replacement was a good thing though, but I have had to return to my treatment every week now for the Lyme disease. I found your website on Pinterest and that is why I am responding to you. I have in my book poetry I have written and the book is about my I unknown journey of finding what was wrong with me all those years ago. It is a very encouraging and inspiring book about my journey and what I had to go through in order to give hope and understanding along with compassion too reach out to others who deal with Lyme disease and co infections, that even though they have Lyme in time, they will get better.

  2. Hey Kate,

    My names is Graham. I am 24 years old and live in Rockaway Beach, Queens, NY where I was born and raised. I’ve recently been diagnosed with chronic Lyme disease and tested positive for a few co-infections.

    The hardest part thus far is the disconnect I feel from all that I once took part in. I don’t even remember what it was like to feel vital; to feel forceful and assertive with my love and energy.

    However I do feel blessed to be given this challenge to really understand the arts of healing. I’ve been doing a lot of reading on eastern alternatives as well as the western antibiotics. I’ve been in contact with AMAZING healers and have been truly blessed to be under the care of dedicated practitioners.

    I saw you were looking for writers and would love to take the opportunity. I’m a musician and creative writer and would love to channel my love for writing into the awareness of this infectious disease.

    The dialogue for those who suffer with Lyme seems to be ever expanding and I would love to get involved.

    Much love,

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