New York Times Lyme Vigil- Wednesday, September 17th

Vangeline Theater (Photo: Joshua Weiner)
Vangeline Theater (Photo: Joshua Weiner)

New York Times Lyme Vigil- Wednesday, September 17th

As a reminder the NYT vigil is happening this Wednesday on September 17th from 11am to 1:30pm.

We’re expecting a big turnout! But we need lots of people to stand with us.

Here is our press release in Truthout:

Here is our PSA about the event on Youtube:

Here is an article about the event in Lyme Nation:
images (19)Remember to dress in ALL BLACK. Green armbands will be provided.
We want to keep a uniform look so please dress in all black, which will also help the lit candles to be seen.

Candles and signs will be provided.
* Please do not bring your own sign because we want to keep the message really focused and simple and to look professional with printed signs. There will be 5 slogans from which you can choose.

Remember that this is a SILENT vigil. 

We will be passing out sheets with bathroom locations at the event.

Check weather reports ahead of time. Come rain or shine.
KPFA radio will be doing a special 3-part series on this event on September 15, 16, and 17th.
Listen live at or in the archives at:

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