New York – Worldwide Lyme Disease Awareness Campaign

New York’s Worldwide Lyme Disease Rally Plans are coming along! Please join Facebook New York Planning Page if you would like to help in planning or follow along on planning details. There is tentatively two events planned.

How you can help: NY WWP event still has these needs:
1. Sound Equipment and set up.
2. Funds for permit and insurance.
3. generator to run sound equipment.

Event #1

State Coordinator: Vanessa Holden
When: Fri, May 10, 12-4 pm
Where: Union Sq, NYC


Pamela Weintraub- Science Journalist and Author of “Cure Unknown”
Dr. Daniel J Cameron
, former president of ILADS

Stop by our event! We will be having an info booth full of Lyme Disease Brochures, tick kit removers and other Lyme Awareness items.

Worldwide Flier up in Bulletin Board in NYC

State Coordinator Vanessa’s  building manager hung up Worldwide Fliers all over the building and will be turning the lobby of their building green with green flood light bulbs in May.

Event #2
State Coordinator: Marty Boden
Details coming soon…



What else can we do?

We are asking that you put together a small group in your community to help disseminate Lyme Materials.

Here are some ideas that you can do in your own town:
1. Order Free Lyme Brochures from:
These can be handed out at parks or you can set up an info booth and any local fairs or events. Ask pharmacies or stores to place these on their counters for customers to take. Pin them up on billboards. Make a box in your yard that people can take these from.

2. Order Free Tick Kits from:
These can be handed out with the brochures.

3. Tie up Lime Green Ribbons!
Tie green ribbons around your mailbox, porches or a tree in your yard! started a campaign several years ago. Each May, people hang up lime green ribbons wherever they can. You can tie them on your porch, your mail box, get permission from your town to tie them on phone polls… anywhere that will bring attention to Lyme Disease. So this May, get ready to do it again.

5. Letter Writing Campaign Click here for details

6. Samantha’s Annual Lyme Life Awareness “Green Light” Campaign

This will be the second year in a row for the green light campaign! It’s simple and everyone can do this with us. Just buy a green bulb at your local hardware store and change your porch light!

What can you do to help participate in this protest? Click Here

Click Here to Learn More about the Worldwide Lyme  Disease Awareness Protest

What can you do to help participate in this protest? Click Here

Click Here to Learn More about the Worldwide Lyme  Disease Awareness Protest

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