“No Lyme in the South” Time to dispell the misinformation!

On August 30, at Blumenthal’s hearing on Lyme Disease, one of the speakers said, “there aren’t many Lyme disease cases in the Southern USA.”

Well this is part of the reason people with Lyme Disease cannot get the help that they need. There is so much misinformation out there, and people just spit it out like they knew the facts. Obviously they do not.

Please read the truth about Lyme in the South here:

3 thoughts on ““No Lyme in the South” Time to dispell the misinformation!”

  1. Although we live in the north, one of my family members had a Lone Star tick while camping in the Smoky Mountain National Park. That’s in the Carolinas. That’s in the south. She is sick with Lyme and some co-infections, from the south! It was hard to get her help, as many docs thought that people don’t get those infections from ticks in the south. They were so wrong and the child pays the consequences for the ignorance of the doctors. The consequences are: her health, her well-being. her education, her relationships, her childhood, her teenage years, her school attendance, and maybe even her future. It costs the medical system, it costs the school system- it’s a big lose/lose situation.

  2. for those that do NOT believe that Lyme disease exists in the “South”… are you actually saying that you believe that “Ticks” and the vector borne pathogens carried and transmitted by ticks into the blood streams of their victims can tell man made geographical boundaries???
    Is there published research proving that migrating birds, for example, that are transporting infected ticks, or are harboring these pathogens themselves, as they are flying “South” for the winter literally stop at the “Mason Dixon Line” and proclaim…OK, all Ticks transporting Lyme Disease must jump off here…you are NOT allowed to cross the “Mason Dixon Line”, you are not allowed in the “South”…

  3. First of all I have an antibody for ROCKY MOUNTAIN SPOTTED FEVER and have also had 4 (FOUR) positive tests come back for Lyme and yet to find a doctor or infectious disease specialist to take it serious. My life went to great, no sicknesses ever, to non existent for 5 whole years. Most spent in bed, kidneys are bad, effected my lungs, edema, etc. My daughter also has Lyme now she got it in the 10th grade. They tested her for everything under the sun after getting her positive Lyme results she had non of the things that they checked for but she did have a positive result for Lyme which they said 10 days of antibotics were enough. HA! NOT! Since then we have met and talked to over 1,200 people in this county and thousands more in others near our county. Problem here is no one wants to believe the results and we are all deadly sick and no one gives a LUMP! Why because no one has gotten off of their rears and told doctors look this is real this is how you have to treat those the antibiotics did NOT help! Nor do they know what is even going on with us, what we need, what to expect, they feed us steroids which is the worlds worst thing to do for tic borne diseases. So I ask you how can LYme and it’s co infections NOT be in the SOUTH!!!!?????????? In your eyes but in bodies everywhere, it is a real deal and it’s happening& HERE. So what are you going to do about it? Keep letting us live in heck & die????? The time to get with it and help us is NOW, not after you people finally decide ohhhhhhh lets do something now that WE have it too. Enough is enough! How would you like to see your child suffer because people keep hiding and lying about this disease and she can’t get any help or relief. That is what is happening. Another thing people are told who see doctors to NOT put in the chart they have LYME even though that is why they see us 98% of the time. I am one who tells them do NOT hide the Lyme word in my file each and every one of them even though the government has them scared. Stop the bickering and excuse making and help someone besides your selves who are indeed in the worse way of misery. Its already an epidemic here.

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