North Carolina Lyme Picnic Heard Around the World

North Carolina Lyme Picnic Heard Around the World

Words by: Ginny Dittfield Dudek

September 6 , 2016

CIA, A dog trained to sniff out gluten.

We had a small indoor “Lyme Picnic” in Research Triangle Park, NC, with some delays due to health issues. Imagie that 🙁

Food sensitivities were profound and different for all of us. Lauren Woodsbrought her phenomenal dog, CIA. She is already trained at 7 months old to identify the presence of gluten in any food product.

Common themes were that no one could remember the last time they felt well, eating out can be near impossiginnyble and spending face time with friends occurred on very rare occasions. One attendee, with Alpha gal, had breathing issues while I was cooking veggies burgers on a grill that had at some point in the past been used to cook meat. Fortunately, she recognized her symptoms quickly so it did not progress to anaphylaxis.

Another major thing we all had in common was resiliency… in extraordinary amounts.

Thank you , Lauri Goodwin, Barb Tesla and Lauren Woods for bringing so much joy to my home.

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