Now Is The Time, To Understand Lyme

Now Is The Time, To Understand Lyme

November 29, 2011 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm


2 Hours

Your Name: – Elmer M. Dengler
Your Email –

Event Information: – Do you have chronic pain, fatigue, or confused thoughts that no one understands?Now Is The Time, To Understand Lyme ! Tues Nov 29th 7-9 Pm At Calvary Community Church of Riva, 3272 Riva Rd., Riva, MD 21140 questions   please call 301-793-5805.   And Tues Dec 6th 7-9 Pm At Restoration Covenant Church 8258 Veterans Highway, Suite 10, Millersville, MD 21108 questions  please call  443-688-6381  and           202-374-3148.

Those who care will be there to answer questions on Lyme Disease. In a search engine type: Google Maps for detailed directions. Then insert street address found on the right or call the numbers listed for help. Calvary Community Church is a small brick church on the right hand side south of Annapolis on Riva Road at the lower end of Riva. Restoration Covenant Church is in Millersville on Veterans Highway on the Route 97 side of the 8258. We are located in the back of the Brightview Business Park facing I-97, off of Veterans Highway between Old Mill Road and Brightview Drive.

View MapRestoration Covenant Church8258 Veterans Highway, Suite 10,Millersville MD, 21108

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