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Borrelia Miyamotoi: What You Need To Know About This ‘New Lyme Disease’
The new illness is caused by the bacteria known as Borrelia miyamotoi and has been found to be more resistant to antibiotic treatment. It is also transmitted through insect bites from ticks.

Ticks Spread New illness Similar To Lyme Disease
Illnesses similar to Lyme disease are found out to be spreading through Ticks. Most of the symptoms are headache, muscle pains, fever and fatigue, which is apparently resistive to antibiotics. A growing number of people in the United Kingdom are alarmed by what is causing the disease and why medicines are not helping them in easing the pain.

Six Siblings With Lyme Disease Travel To India For Stem Cell Treatment
One West Chicago family made an 8,000 mile journey to India so six siblings, diagnosed with Lyme disease could get stem cell treatments they couldn’t get here in the U.S.

Suffering the Silence: A New Book Advocates for Chronic Lyme Disease Sufferers
Suffering the Silence brings to light the stark reality that many who contract Lyme disease are never really freed from it after the 4-6 week course of antibiotics as recommended by the Infectious Disease Society of America.

Lyme Disease Patient Yolanda Foster Chops Off Her Hair
Yolanda Foster shared her new look on her Instagram page while fighting the dreadful Lyme disease since three long years. Tired of the continuous battle, Yolanda decided to do something with her life that could excite her. So the 55-year old decided to trim down her hairs to ear-short length!

‘Like the Caudwells, our family also has Lyme disease’
“A second family has been struck down by Lyme disease following claims by John Caudwell, the telecoms tycoon, that he passed the illness on to his children.

R.I. Blood Center to lay off 37 workers because of cost of Tick Borne Screening
“The Rhode Island Blood Center is laying off 37 employees this week and eliminating small-scale blood drives in budget-saving moves spurred by new costs to begin screening for an emerging tick-borne disease.

“What does Lyme Disease Feel Like?” Touching post by Jon Rothberg
“It is only those infected with Lyme Disease that truly know how horrid this disease is. What it does to lives. The atrocity of knowing the truth that this chronic, debilitating, terminal illness is spreading and ignored by the agencies we pay to protect us.”

John Caudwell, Why I would swap Wealth for Health
“The billionaire founder of Phones4U has revealed that his whole family have been struck down by the potentially deadly Lyme disease.
Earlier this month John Caudwell told the Telegraph of his 20-year-old son Rufus’s long struggle with the disease, which started with “panic attacks, serious agoraphobia and a terror of sickness” before being correctly diagnosed in February.”

Girl in Wheelchair due to Lyme Disease talks to Pope Francis
Wheelchair-Bound Girl Calls Blessing By Pope Francis ‘Most Precious Moment Of My Life’

Ryan tells his journey through Lyme into becoming an EMT and National Guardsman
“The athletically built Will has come a long way from childhood, much of it spent at the doctor’s office because he was plagued by constant illness. His health problems, arising from Lyme disease, caused him to miss weeks and months of school, delaying his graduation by two years. He doesn’t like to talk about this period of his life, except to say, “It was hard.” When he finally got better in his late teens, Will says that he felt he had to make up for lost time.”

Lyme Disease Guidelines Panelists Engage in Coordinated Propaganda Campaign
Since they were first published in 2000, the Infectious Diseases Society of America (IDSA) guidelines for diagnosis and treatment of Lyme disease have been the subject of intense controversy, including an antitrust investigation by the state of Connecticut and hundreds of protests.

Ask your senators to co-sponsor Lyme bill
LymeDisease.org arranges for several Lyme patients to gather in congress to ask for political action.

Is Lyme Disease the New AIDS? What You Need to Know
Huffington Post
My life changed abruptly in April of 2010: blurred vision that I had had on and off since my 20s became double vision; occasional hearing fluctuations in my left ear that I had had on and off since my 20s became total deafness, or sound drowned out by …

Coverage for Lyme disease treatment debated before lawmakers
Martha’s Vineyard Times
Individuals convinced that insurers are denying adequate coverage for Lyme disease faced off against business groups seeking to keep health care costs down, with concerns about lawmakers mandating treatment contrary to what experts recommend.

Researchers: More than half of ticks may be infected with Lyme disease in Maine
From their findings, Chuck Lubelczyk the Field Biologist, says “more than 50% of ticks in Maine may be infected with the the Lyme bacterium, as well as other disease pathogens.” Lubelczyk says ticks are most prominent in the southern area of Maine, but …

Yolanda Foster Celebrates Life Amid Lyme Disease Battle
People Magazine
I will walk to the end of the earth to find a cure so that you can live a healthy life that you deserve,” she told her children while accepting the Global Lyme Alliance’s “Power of One” award in New York on Oct. 8. “No

Yes, the IDSA noticed us in San Diego
A valiant group of Lyme activists braved a record-breaking heat wave in San Diego Oct. 9-10 to protest outside the Infectious Diseases Society of America’s annual conference.

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MassBiologics at UMMS developing pre-exposure prophylaxis to prevent Lyme disease
New research to be presented at infectious disease conference IDWeek; Monoclonal antibodies reactive against a broad range of Borrelia species in studies


Gentle Yoga For Lyme Healing – Jessica Labbe, Yoga Instructor And Lymie From Lyme Ninja Radio


San Diego Lyme Protest
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Traveling Lyme Flags at the 4th Annual Mt Valley, Maine Lyme Conference.
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