lyme diseese myths

One Day the Lyme Community will be able to say, “I told you so.”


lyme diseese myths

One Day Lyme Patients will be able to say, I Told you So!”

When you get sick with a Chronic illness that the main stream medical community is in denial of, you tend to research your own illness. In time, you become somewhat of an expert. We have nothing but time on our hands in many cases, as we lay in bed trying to figure out what is wrong with us. We see the new research that comes out each month, we read it, study it and learn it.

We see what treatments are working or failing. We see what each other is going through, we see the trends, the symptoms, the lack of knowledge regarding it.

Part of the frustration is seeing some of this research before the medical mainstream has read it or accepted it. When some piece of research comes out, that we know to be true in our own personal experience, but is as of yet “true” in the medical mainstream’s opinion, we want to celebrate and yell, “I told you so.” 

It is frustrating to know what we do, and  yet still hear doctors or someone from the medical community still giving out the wrong information or not being up to date on it.

The following is some of the things that seem to be well known in the Lyme patient community, and in our own personal experiences,  but not accepted by the medical community:

  1. Lyme Disease is an umbrella term for many different infections, viruses, parasites and co infections. It should probably be renamed to something similar to “multi systemic illness.” Lyme activates other viruses and issues throughout your body and Lyme disease becomes, not just Lyme disease as your body’s systems start failing or becoming over active. See Lyme is not just Lyme 
  2.   It  doesn’t take 72 hours for a tick to be attached to pass Lyme disease or other infections to you. See Research Here
  3. Deer ticks are not the only way to get Lyme disease. We now know that other ticks can spread Lyme too. Research has already proved that other bugs carry it too, they just haven’t proved the they can transmit it yet. But we as patients hear the stories daily of getting bulls eye rashes or symptoms from mosquito, spiders and more.  See Research Here
  4. Lyme Disease can be sexually transmitted. See Research Here
  5. Many illnesses and condition are caused by Lyme Disease. Multiple Sclerosis, ALS, Parkinsons, Alzheimer, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ME, Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, some cancers, any many other conditions will be linked to different Borrelia species.  See Research Here
  6. It is transmitted through  blood transfusions, sex, breastfeeding and congenitally.

The thing is, we are sad about these things. We don’t want them to be true. But sadly, our lives are proving otherwise despite what your fancy research suggests, despite what your fancy doctors are telling patients, despite what the mistruths that are being spread about Lyme disease by the mainstream medical community, this is our reality and one day we will say, “I told you so,” And it will be with broken  yet validated hearts.

Author:   Lisa HIlton

Information about Lyme Disease

2 thoughts on “One Day the Lyme Community will be able to say, “I told you so.””

  1. kudos lisa; good list/links again; thanks for your LABOR OF LOVE on behalf of all of us and those to timid to post their gratitude 😉


    bettyg, iowa activist

  2. Lisa, I think of this every single day. We will be saying, “I told you so”, just like the AIDS community eventually did so. Just hope its sooner than later so less people can be infected and more people can be helped. Thanks for this and all u do! ♥

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