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Online Support Groups This support forum is like a “Facebook for people with Lyme.” It is run by Tracy Will. A great site to connect with others. This group is an online chat for kids and teens. Please check it out. They chat every Friday from 6pm til whenever. This group was started by Paul Mall and has great information and also a live chat.


Wisc/Illinois : This site lists support group info and has current discussions going on between Lyme patients.

MD Junction- Lyme Disease Support Group This site has a lot of great information and a great  discussion board with many members on it.– online support group with message boards, profiles, with Betty G as the moderator. This site is run by Eric Rutalante and lists New York support groups.  There are many Lyme patients stories on here. Check it out! This site is run by Ashley Van Tol. They do many remarkable things to help other people inflicted with lyme. They have holiday bizarres featuring the artists in our community,and people trying to pay for their treatments with their crafts. There is a lot of activism to read about on this page. This site is a great forum to talk to other people with Lyme Disease. It is in the format of a discussion board. Keep updated on Dr Murakami’s lectures.


Canadian Online Facebook Group!/group.php?gid=109641565741740


Here’s my Military Lyme link:



Lydia Niederwerfer is the founder of  Our goal is to raise awareness thatLyme disease and associated tick-borne diseases can be very serious.  Lyme-Aware’s mission is to create a unity among all of the organizations, websites, blogs, authors, etc.  It is Lyme disease survivors and those that have been affected by tick-borne diseases in their lives who have went on to establish organizations for research, education, awareness, and others have created works of art.   We will unite. Yet, retain what each of us has already worked so hard to achieve.


Live Chat room Wisc Website


Online Wisc Yahoo Lyme Group

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