Our Dear Friend Gary Needs our Help after Fire

garyMost of you who are in the Facebook Lyme community know Gary Glaser. He is a kind soul that has really been struggling this year. His health has been really putting him to the test this year and then on top of that… he just survived a house fire.

While he is still in critical care in the burn unit, his dogs who escaped the fire and were captured and brought to shelter need a foster home. In the meantime his niece Haley and a friend Laura have set up for them to stay at a doggie motel. It will be upwards of $50 a day for them both to stay there.

So if we could all chip in to keep his dogs safe while he recovers I’m sure he would be most appreciative and it would be one less worry for Gary, as he loves his dogs so much. So can we all pitch in a small amount and help W, Babs and Gary?

Footage of them Saving Gary from the Fire

Thank you to the Pikesville Volunteer Fire Company

Update on Gary as of 3/3/2016

From Haley Mou:

I have a good update!
W & Babs are OUT of the shelter and in a doggy hotel! They are super happy there and got bathed& even groomed too.
Two people who wish to remain anyonmous actually stepped forward and covered the complete cost of their stay at the doggy hotel!
How awesome is that? We really do have some amazing people out there.
So, Anything that is donated will now be going directly to Gary for medical exspenses and house repairs! Thank you so so so very much to everyone who has donated, sent good thoughts, prayed for Gary , W, & Babs. But now that W & Babs are taken care of we need to focus on sending all our love to Gary in his time of need!
I will post pictures of W & Babs happy at the doggy hotel soon.

So visit his fundraiser page to get future updates please!

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  1. Thank God for the fireman and the work they do day in and day out.. Prayers and continued prayers for our dear friend Gary..

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