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paigePaige Adams,  FNP, B-C


We are sorry to hear of the passing of a Lyme friend to many. Paige Adams was a nurse practitioner and a friend to many. Just by taking a look at her Facebook page you can see how much she meant to so many.  Please take the time to stop by her Lyme Memorial here on

Please Read:
Dr Bradstreet’s colleague (& my friend/neighbor) found dead in Florida – updated
By Erin Elizabeth

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  1. 2.2.16

    to paige’s mom,

    i don’t know your plans, but have you considered donating her brain for BORRELIA/LYME disease research?

    dr. alan macdonald, patholigist in florida, recently did my late husband’s, JACK GORDON. 11.22.15, his brain made WORLDWIDE history!!

    alan and paula pierce from norman, okla., who has a private lab there, did jack’s blood staining of his brain.

    they found both of these diseases NEVER reported together before!

    LEWY BODY DEMENTIA like late actor/comedian, robin williams had, causing very VIOLENT hallucinations!

    since jack is the 1st, we are writing this up for a scientific medical journal! i will be the 1st CO-AUTHOR, A NON-MEDICAL person, since i’ll be describing his symptoms, treatments, behavior examples, etc. i’m in final stages of reading tom’s write-up on jack and will be mailing it back to tom this afternoon.

    the other 3 medical folks involved:
    tom grier, microbiologist/minn. will write this, and paula and alan will each write their portion with many photos of jack’s brain showing each of the diseases.

    if you are interested in doing this and it’s not too late, please contact tom grier here:
    i could give you his phone no. if you email me if you’d like 😉

    i gave a large charity donation to the DR. PAUL DURAY RESEARCH FOUNDATION INC. to be used for more blood staining of the following diseases:

    LYME, MS, ALZHEIMER’S, DEMENTIA, & PARKINSON’S as PD is what my husband had been diagnosed with and dementia…NOT lewy body dementia.

    he was NEVER diagnosed or treated for LBD or LYME; he had lyme for 35 yrs!

    so if you are interested, i have PREPAID for patients like your beloved daughter, paige. (it’s $1,000 for DNA probes for 1 patient; they charge for MATERIALS ONLY used; NOT LABOR…it’s pro bono.)

    it would be cost to have paige’s entire brain sent to paula …there are specific instructions which tom grier has from dr. alan macdonald. those are what des moines university osteopathic medical college used for FEDEXing my jack’s brain to paula.

    again, my heartfelt sympathies to you–her family, to her patients who she fought to restore their quality of life, and to the huge loss to our lyme/co-infection community.

    bettyg, iowa activist
    47 yrs. CLD, 35 yrs. misdiagnosed by 40-50 drs; unacceptable!

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