People and Actions making a Difference in the Lyme Community


Thank you to these people who are furthering the Lyme movement with their causes!

Just click on a name to see what they are doing!

The purpose of this post is not just to give someone a pat on the back or to boost any egos. It is simply a genuine thank you to those doing something to make a difference. It is also our way at of uniting all the different causes, events, and missions of all who serve the Lyme community into one place. It is also meant to keep hope alive for those too sick to do any activism so that they know that efforts are being done to solve this problem we call Lyme disease and get exposure. We hope this will get the word out about all your events you work so hard at, and acknowledge all the hard work put into these events too. Even if you are just too sick to do anything, but you share a nice post with someone on Facebook, call someone to reach out to them in a time of need, send someone a card, we want to say thank you to all you silent warriors too! ♥

Send us a name of someone you see working hard to make changes for the Lyme community, along with a link to their cause and we will link their name to it. These are not just people we are randomly choosing, we are relying oh you to let us know who you see working hard for change.

If you get added to the list and don’t want to be on the list, let us know and we will remove your name!


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Submit your Nominee Here: Send us a name and link to their organization, cause, event website or Facebook page.


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