Phase 4 of March Madness: What you can do now

Okay we are now in Phase 4 of March Madness, here is what you can do to help support this cause:


PHASE 4 – MARCH MADNESS!: We need you to call the offices of the US Congressional members listed below. They all now have a copy of the IDSA patient comments document. The more members you call, the better. The more members you call, the more impact we will have. 

For More Info Please visit and join facebook group:


Please just let them know your feelings on the current IDSA Guidelines! 


Suggested talking points for your calls:


– Rescind the antiquated, inaccurate, and corrupt IDSA Lyme disease Guidelines.

– Push for the passing of Senate bill S 1381: Lyme and Tick‐Borne Disease Prevention,

Education, and Research Act of 2011 


House bill HR 2557: To Provide For the Establishment of the Tick‐Borne Diseases Advisory Committee.

– Demand that doctors in every state are no longer threatened with license removal and other penalties for treating Lyme disease patients.

– Insist on better education of the entire medical community in every state regarding acute AND late-stage Lyme disease.

– Demand that a Congressional Briefing be held so that Lyme patients and our advocates get a fair chance to expose the decades-long corruption and special interests surrounding Lyme disease recognition, diagnosis and treatment. 

– Be sure to tell your own personal Lyme story and the devastating impact that this illness has had on you and your loved ones.


Here is a link to the IDSA Comments document, which is entitled:

The Devastation of Lives and Lies: 

Those with Lyme disease and related chronic infections respond to the 

Infectious Diseases Society of America’s (IDSA’s)

request for comments.


If you would like to contact other US Congressional representatives who are not 

on the list below, please use these helpful links to quickly and easily find their contact info:






Harry Reid (D‐NV), Senate Majority Leader

(202) 224-3542 


Mitch McConnell, (R‐ KY) Senate Minority Leader

(202) 224-2541 


Eric Cantor (R‐VA), House Majority Leader

Virginia 7th District 

(202) 225-2815


Nancy Pelosi (D‐CA), House Minority Leader

California 8th District

(202) 225-4965 


John Boehner Speaker of the House

(202) 225-6205


Steny Hoyee Dem Whip

(202) 225-4131


John Larson Dem Caucus Chairman 

(202) 225-2265


US Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor & Pensions

Main Office: 

(202) 224-5375 


Tom Harkin (IA) *

(202) 224-3254 


Barbara A. Mikulski (MD) *

(202) 224-4654 


Patty Murray (WA) *

(202) 224-2621 


Bernard Sanders (I) (VT)

(202) 224-5141 


Robert P. Casey, Jr. (PA)

(202) 224-6324 


Kay R. Hagan (NC)

(202) 224-6342 


Al Franken (MN)

(202) 224-5641 


Sheldon Whitehouse (RI)

(202) 224-2921 


Richard Blumenthal (CT)

(202) 224-2823 


Richard Burr (NC)

(202) 224-3154 

Rand Paul (KY)

(202) 224-4343 


Lisa Murkowski (AK)

(202) 224-6665 


US Senate Committee on Appropriations 

Democratic Subcommittee Members:


Tom Harkin (IA) *

(202) 224-3254 


Senator Herb Kohl (WI)

(202) 224-5653 


Senator Patty Murray (WA) *

(202) 224-2621 


Senator Mary Landrieu (LA)

(202) 224-5824 


Senator Jack Reed (RI)

(202) 224-4642 


Senator Sherrod Brown (OH)

(202) 224-2315 


Republican Subcommittee Members:

Senator Richard Shelby (Ranking) (AL)

(202) 224-5744 


Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison (TX)

(202) 224-5922 


Senator Ron Johnson (WI)

(202) 224-5323 


Senator Lindsey Graham (SC)

(202) 224-5972 



Additional Govt. Officials Concerned with Lyme Epidemic:

Scott Brown (R‐MA)

(202) 224-4543 


Susan Collins (R‐ME)

(202) 224-2523 


Tim Holden (D‐PA)

Pennsylvania 17th District

(202) 225-5546


Chris Gibson (R‐NY)

New York 20th District

(202) 225-5614


Kirsten Gillibrand (D‐NY)

(202) 224-4451 

Frank Lautenberg (D‐NJ)

(202) 224-3224 


Carl Levin (D-MI) 

(202) 224-6221


Joseph Lieberman (I‐CT)

(202) 224-4041 


Robert Menendez (D-NJ)

(202) 224-4744


Frank Pallone (D-NJ)

(202) 225-4671 


Rand Paul (R-KY) 

(202) 224-4343


Ron Paul (R-TX)

(202) 225-2831 


Marco Rubio (R-FL) 

(202) 224-3041 


Charles E. Schumer (D‐NY)

(202) 224-6542 


Christopher Smith (R‐NJ)

New Jersey 4th District 

(202) 225-3765


Patrick Toomey (R-PA)

(202) 224-4254


Sheldon Whitehouse (D‐RI)

(202) 224-2921 

Frank Wolf (R‐VA) – Virginia 10th District

(202) 225-5136

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