Planning A Lyme Walk?

There is a lot of things to think about when planning a Lyme Walk. You will need a lot of time to plan it and a team you can work with and trust.  Here is an outline of some of the basic things you will need.

1. Somewhere to donate the money. Usually it will have to be a nonprofit. Something like Turn The Corner or any local non profit you would like to give to. You will need a tax id # to collect donations from stores and businesses and to rent out public places.

2. Location- Some suggestions would be parks or zoos.  Anywhere that is busy so that the public will see your cause.

3. Team- It takes a team of people to put together a successful walk. Make sure you know and trust the people you will be working with. You will have to handle money and probably lots of raffle items. Good communication is a must.

  •  Raffle Committee- people to find, collect, and make baskets out of the raffle prizes.
  • Food Team- People to collect donations of food, do shopping needs, and bring the food and cook it.
  • Clean Up Committee- a team of people who will help break everything down and clean up after the walk.

Things you will need:

Raffle Items- Most stores donate items at the beginning of the year, so try to hit up as many places as you can in January.  You will need to bring a donation letter form with your tax id # with you to businesses.

Suggested Places for collecting donations for raffles or food for the walk are:

  • Any big chains like Walmart, Target, Best Buy
  • Local Shops
  • Friends who are crafters or make jewerly (Make sure to include their business card with their gift)
  • Restaurants big chains and local
  • Authors

and someone who will be the MC. You will need this to announce the walk, give simple directions, and auction the raffles.

Entertainment–  Bands, Deejay or some kind of music.

Tent- or some kind of shaded area.

Tables and chairs

Food-  You can call local grocery stores and local butchers for donations of food, drinks, paper plates, napkins, utensils, table cloths, condiments, charcoal, and ice.

Grill- Charcoal, lighter fluid.


You will probably have to do some fundraising before the walk to raise money for t shirts, wrist bands, raffles tickets, park fees, and any expenses that the walk will have. Here are some ways to raise money:

Fundraising Ideas

  • Rummage Sale 
  • Bake Sales
  • “Save The Change” Jars at Local Shops

Video of Chicago Lymewalk

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