Plea for Work from Karen and Tim

From: Karen Elizabeth Hausfeld

Hi everyone, I want to start by saying that four of us in our family have late stage Lyme, and 4 of the co-infections, and I’m permanently disabled by these. My husband, Tim’s contract is ending, and the powers that be have laid him off effective May 15. He thought 1558582_645679572178387_5404772819545657919_n (1)he had 9 months to find a job; now it tuns outThey have hired a proposal writer as a transition manager to transition his 50 employees o the government (they’re under a mandate) so we’re under a real problem, a hard and fast deadline. We lose our income (it’s all him…) and our medical, life insurance, etc.

He is in management, in every facet working with the US Govt. His specialty is IT Security and he has extensive law enforcement experience on the local and federal level He is a Program manager who can work with technical issues AND simultaneously be very good with people….a rare coupling.

I am asking for your help….I’m asking for you to reach out to anyone you know, whether they work for government or contractor or other company, for anything they know available. He has extensive managerial experience, a wonderful resume, and specializes in IT security, other types of IT issues, computers & telecom (has a Master’s in that, and a Bachelors in Electrical/Electronic Engineering) and of course he has that rare combination of technical expertise and ability to work well with people. About the only thing he couldn’t do is write code. One of his early managers said “There’s nothing that Tim couldn’t do!!”

We need help. Our medical is so expensive and we’re burdened with a $3900 mortgage and a car pmt. Two car pmts til Aug. Those are our 2 reliable cars. We had 2 other cars worth nothing, which we use when the others are in the shop.There are 4 of us depending on him: Kelley, Sophie, Tim and me. I am willing to discontinue my treatment for as long as it takes, but that mortgage, car pmts, gasoline and food add up and they are. We can once again cash out his 401K but there’s a huge tax penalty paid up front, and it’s under 10K b/c we were just able to start again 2 yrs ago.

Anything you can send our way will be very much appreciated! BTW, he is a US veteran if that helps at all.

We are in the  Lovettsville, Virginia area and this is Karen’s Facebook

Thanks so much, Karen & Tim

If you are interested in donating to help Karen and Tim through this rough patch please donate at paypal account

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