Please help Dr. Alan MacDonald fund his Lyme Research

 Alan MacDonald, MD is working on proving Alzheimer’s due to a Borrelia Infection. Research is so needed with Lyme disease. Please help support him if you can. If you can’t donate you can still help by sharing his fundraiser so that those who might be able to can help.



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The Biology of Lyme Disease: An Expert’s Perspective


2 thoughts on “Please help Dr. Alan MacDonald fund his Lyme Research”

  1. We desperately need Lyme Disease research! Please donate whatever you can, even if i’t’s a small amount, to this extremely worthwhile research! Please! Also, share, share, share this important fundraising info. Thank you!

    1. BIG ANNOUNCEMENT BELOW….read please; thanks!
      hi all 😉

      YES, please donate if you can $1.00 or more and send it DIRECTLY TO HIS HOME ADDRESS shown on the above post in florida.

      gofundme gets 5% of every dollar there; so $15,000 given there; they get $75.00; so please think about that aspect too.


      i was able to donate $1,000, which is going to be used for MY HUSBAND’S ENTIRE BRAIN research that was to have been sent THIS WEEK to norman, okla for the dr. paul duray foundation.

      jack had the following:

      advanced parkinson’s;

      LEWY BODY DEMENTIA which is 1 of alan’s TOP things he wants to research since his grandpa died of this;

      UNDIAGNOSED lyme disease!

      i had a western blot done by igenex on him 2004 when i received a CDC + back on my testings.

      they showed igenex+, cdc negative, but my 1st llmd was learning from HIS PATIENTS and didn’t know how to read the numbers.

      he declared him; no lyme; SO NO TREATMENT ever done on jack.

      jack had kidney failure since 3.23.14 also so i expected all of the above to be the cause of him dying.

      NOPE, 11.11.14, he was diagnosed with stage 4 CANCER of r.lung/liver areas. he died 2 nights later of this cancer! SHOCKED about that one.

      so after paula, pathologist in okla LAB gets done and sends alan slides back, he’ll being examining new DNA probes mentioned in his fund me to determine to see if he sees all 3 things or WHATEVER he find!

      parkinson’s, LB dementia, and BB/lyme!

      so my money donated is going DIRECTLY on my hubby that i didn’t know about!

      i donated jack’s body to des moines university where it has 9 schools of medical training. they finished their research on his body 1 wk. ago.

      he was to be cremated this week and his ashes are forthcoming; not here yet!

      i emailed alan mac.. to see if it was too LATE to have his brain autopsied for the above. NOPE!

      he’d be pleased to have it! this was his personal thing researching lewy body dementia!

      prior to this, alan said i could chose to have whatever research i wanted done with my 1-time generous donation for lyme/alzheimer’s research.

      i could co-write an article if i wanted too…that one surprised me.

      sorry, just so EXCITED; pleased as punch to tell of lyme, dementia, alzheimers, parkinson’s diagnosis of bb being in his brain with the others!!

      MORE HISTORY TO BE MADE !! that’s my personal hope/dream come true!

      bettyg, iowa activist
      46.5 yrs. chronic lyme
      35 yrs. MISDIAGNOSED by 40-50 drs.

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