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8414c0ba-c4a9-46ee-9839-4d5a835f4019_profileRobin was officially diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) in the fall of 2012 which quickly impacted the use of her legs, arms, vision and hearing. Unfortunately this happened when she was going back to medical school to learn “what was wrong” with her body. She has not worked since.

In another blow to her health, Robin learned she has lyme disease, heavy metal toxicity and a genetic blood clotting condition that may be causing silent strokes. She tried conventional treatments for MS. These medications not only caused her to lose her hearing on the right, but greatly impacted her heart function.

After many years of missed or wrong diagnoses from traditional doctors and all sorts of allergic reactions to medications, Robin finally went to a functional medicine doctor to find the “true” cause of her illness. She began IV therapies, removed her amalgam fillings and slowly began to get better.

Since the traditional medical community does not believe in chronic neurological lyme disease, heavy metal toxicity or alternative treatments like IV therapies these expenses are not covered by health insurance.

Here is where you come in. We are trying to raise funds to help pay for Robin’s medical care which have estimated monthly costs of:

IVs: $1,000
Supplements: $300-500
Functional Medicine Doctor Visits:$100-800
Organic Autoimmune Diet: $400
Testing: $3,000-5,000 for more comprehensive testing, plus any follow-up tests
Health Insurance: $93 (will cover parts of the above costs)
Misc. (travel to specialty doctors, medical equipment, etc.): $500

Any financial donations you could give, even if it is only a dollar, would be greatly appreciated!!! Even if you cannot give right now, we would appreciate you sharing this site with others who may be able to give. If 3,000 people gave 10 dollars each we would reach the goal of 30,000.

If you prefer to give money directly to Robin’s doctor please contact us at: 718.637.3780 for the doctor’s name and address.

Without treatments Robin’s health, which has improved greatly over the last year, will get worse again.

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