Please vote for the Vancouver Clinic Each Day


“Aviva Insurance has a contest and is donating money to non-profit causes.  The Canadian Lyme Group has registered the new Vancouver Chronic Disease Clinic  as a good cause and they want our help!   If we generate a lot of votes for this clinic, it is going to mean as much as $150,000 for the clinic!  


1.  Go to  It tells you on that page that you need to register but that is easy to do.  They only want your email address, and you make up a screen name and password. 


2.  Then you have to go to where you vote. 
You earn 15 votes by registering (but can only use one vote per day).   Make a note to vote each day until October 15th.   Then, we see if go to a second round of voting. 
Right now we are at a lowly 1000 or so votes, please vote and ask everyone you know to register and vote daily.  Thanks.”

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