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Project Day Lily

lyme biowqarfare mycoplamsa

Project Day Lily

by Garth & Nicolson Nancy Nicolson

This book takes a look inside government and military corruption, bio warfare and the truth behind “Gulf War Syndrome.” Why post this on a Lyme blog? Because all these mysterious illnesses are linked. Biowarfare is part of why we are all so sick. Mycoplasma is involved in both Lyme and Gulf War Syndrome. Government experiments and cover ups come across as just silly conspiracy theories to some, but to those who are suffering from these mysterious ailments, veterans and civilians alike, and those who educate themselves on this subject, it is a very real sad truth. Your lives and beliefs will be changed forever once reading this book.

Make sure to read the reviews under the Amazon page. Doctors, patients, veterans coming forward to tell what they have learned in their research of their own illnesses too. Very interesting.

From Amazon Description

“The Project Day Lily story chronicles the events surrounding what the public knows as “Gulf War Syndrome.” To this day, the public perception of that tragedy is very limited, but now there are over 150,000 veterans of that conflict that suffer from chronic illnesses and tens of thousands have died without acknowledgment or proper assistance to keep secret the origin of their illnesses.

Project Day Lily tells the story of the discovery that men and women of our Armed Forces were actually exposed to chemical and biological mixtures from missiles and sprayers during the Gulf War that were supplied, in part, by a sinister network using a group of rogue bureaucrats, intelligence operatives and scientists. They were also exposed to contaminants in the multiple vaccines given during deployment. Project Day Lily presents the story of how one of these biological agents was found by two American scientists in veterans of the Gulf War and in civilians as part of a massive testing program and how various academic and governmental employees did everything in their power to prevent this information from being released to the American public.

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