Question 2: How has Lyme Disease Affected your Vision?


How Does Lyme Affect One’s Eyes?

If you join any Lyme disease or tick borne illness forum, you are likely to see patients complaining about their eyes or vision. It seems that these are the common complaints related to vision from those with Lyme disease and other tick borne infections.

  • Blurred Vision
  • Eye pressure or pain
  • Floaters
  • Hallucinations
  • Conjunctivitis
  • Tunnel Vision
  • Light flashes/streaks/squiggly lines
  • Changing sight throughout the day
  • Double vision
  • Vertigo
  • Can’t focus properly

So we would like to hear what your issues have been. Tell us in the comments below what your eye/vision symptoms have been.

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13 thoughts on “Question 2: How has Lyme Disease Affected your Vision?”

  1. I have eye problems since I was biten by some insect about 3 years ago , Now I have all joint pain, ery tired and now energy. My eyes now have been blurred vision, eye pain, lots of floaters and a film that goes over my eye and I can hardly see throu my right eye, Headaches, dissiness, can you tell me if I have lyms disease? Thanks Anne

  2. My vision is blurry, especially upon wakening. For a few hours will remain so and towards the end of day as well. I assume inflammation is part of this, the orbital tissue around my eyes is also swollen.
    I also have shadow image…not a complete double vision but a ghost image that layers the image, especially words on a screen or in print. For years (many of the 15 years with Lyme) I was unable to read due to this and the poor connection from sight to thought.
    I have had horrible eye pain, deep within the globe and above it below the brow but only on my right side. This has not wavered since the sudden onslaught of illness 15 + years ago.
    Not only have I gotten more floaters, black or.charcoal specks, but countless miniscule bubbles with a tiny center black spot within. Also are threadlike and squiggly lines that are numerous.
    My eyes are dry. I get much more thready white debris that seems to be allergic conjunctivitis. I never had allergies of any kind before lyme, and my only know allergen is maple trees now, which activates for only a month or so during spring pollen release.
    I went to any eye doctor a couple years ago and surprisingly he also stated he ” had had Lyme” but was treated and cured. He told me there are few known signs of Lyme that are acute visible signs they can see during examination. (This was “only” an optometrist who does very little organic testing relating to eye tissues, versus that of an ophthalmology MD who specializes in all internal and external tissue, nerves, muscles, etc of the eye.)
    I know what I know. My vision (and also hearing, sense of taste, etc has been affected greatly.) Unless they can check each tiny nerve and inervation , I find it sad they can so easily say vision is not often affected by a systemic infection of spirochetes. See how Syphilis spirochetes can damage the eye and it’s ludicrous to see Lyme as not capable of the same).
    I’m not an expert by far but did go to school for optometric and ophthalmic technician/assisting. The eye is not a simple “organ”.
    Also, I find it odd that Ebola can be said to hide within the globe and its’ aqueous fluids. How can Lyme not be possible to do same?

  3. Within a few months of “the” tick bite and a “summer flu”, I woke up to the beginning of my ride on this rollercoaster. I had severe eye pain, almost no vision and insane light sensitivity. I was rushed to the hospital with an eye pressure of 53. I was diagnosed with glaucoma, iritis and uveitis. I was treated with steroids which always made me incredibly sleepy and ache all over (somebody should have put this together then). There is no history of glaucoma in my family. I went through two surgeries and months of testing to determine a cause (No Lyme test). After a slew of other random illnesses, including endometriosis, I stopped taking the steroids and began a homeopathic regime of tumeric, bilberry and eyebright. Stopping the steroids changed everything. The eye doctors now tell me that they won’t even know that I had eye issues other than my scars from unsuccessful surgeries. I didn’t get tested for Lyme until 11/15. I now have three positive tests. Looking back, I feel that Lyme and coinfections have been the root of MANY problems for MANY years.

  4. Blurred Vision
    Eye pressure or pain
    Light Flashes
    Changing sight throughout the day
    Can’t focus properly
    Ocular Neuritis
    Ocular Migraines
    Thinning Retina
    Short-term blindness
    inflammation of the nerves, retina
    dry eyes
    severe tearing

    This is just the beginning of what has happened due to my left eye due to Lyme Disease and/or co-infections. I have been under treatment for 2 years. Last month I went into for my yearly eye check-up because my left eye just didn’t seem right and couldn’t focus right. Thank goodness my Optometrist was Lyme friendly and took it seriously. She referred me to an Ophthalmologist who did extensive testing who then scheduled me for an emergency visit with a Retina Specialist.

    It’s amazing what a small tick can do — absolutely mind altering.

  5. i agree with all the above.

    my photo sensitivities are off the wall! all lights, glare, and reflections are like looking directly at the sun.

    VERY PAINFUL to my eyes!

    winter driving and night driving are the worse.

    i wear my sunglasses & wraparound NOIR, no infrared sunglasses during those times.

    bettyg, iowa activist
    about 48 yrs. chronic lyme
    35 yrs. misdiagnosed by 40-50 drs.

  6. My problems first started with blurry vision, floaters, and flashes of light. In my left eye it got extremely painful and turned into optic neuritis where I lost complete vision in that eye. After treatment I regained my vision but a year later I went through another bout of optic neuritis in the same eye- also causing completed blindness. However this time I only got back about 75% of my vision field. I also am now color blind and have trouble with night vision.

  7. I have been diagnosed with Lyme Disease for 3 years. I try to keep the symptoms under control with limiting sugars and it has helped. But, now I am noticing floaters in my eyes which are increasing. I never thought this could be attributed to Lyme Disease.

  8. Lyme and/or Bartonella
    * Floaters
    * blurred vision
    * changes in vision through day
    * Lightening flashes when eyes closed
    *lyme conjunctivitis
    *Loss of LASIK results for myopia
    *eye pain
    *temporary loss of vision (TIAs)
    *retinal deterioration (no family history
    *cataracts at age 44 (resembled someone 20 years older).. Removed age 46

    I’m sure I 4got some

  9. My daughter with Lyme and Bartonella had a Convergence Insufficiency- she needed a whole summer of visual training (very hard to find and we had to travel an hour for it each way) twice a week with exercises to do at home. It helped. However, each time they prescribe new glasses for her, she could no longer see well in them after a couple of weeks. So we gave up after several pairs. Her vision has deteriorated. She lost the ability to read for a few years- it caused her headache to be worse when she tried. Then she was able to read or do school work for only about 45 mins a day. Now, several years later, she is able to read on a narrow field, like an iPhone, but not from a large computer screen (not even if the reading is a narrow column) or book because her eye still senses the field being wide. She can’t explain why. There has been eye pain in the past. And lots of night sensitivity. At one point her pupils would constrict when light was shined at them, then they would dilate- no wonder light was so painful to her-the eye doctor noticed that! Also the physical therapist noticed that she used to not be able to see thing that were up- her eyes did not use the full range of motion and her center of the field of vision was off to the side. These things were when she was sickest and her optic nerve was swollen as evidenced by a larger than normal blind spot on one side at the time.

  10. I have optic nerve swelling, pain in and around eyes, welts under eye at times and discoloration, dry eye, poor vision that comes and goes, itchy and twitchy. When I am treating Lyme amd co’s my eye symptoms get much worse. Especially lately since my herbalist is really targeting the coinfections in my eyes.

  11. My right eye is most affected. I have these very painful eye episodes that bring me straight up out of bed. My vision is reduced to almost nil. It is like looking through a lens that has been smeared with Vaseline.
    I’ve had my eye checked by glaucoma specialists, neuro opthomologists,retina specialists. I’ve had an MRI, had “slices” of my eye made by laser.
    Everybody says my eye is perfectly healthy and normal. So, why can’t I see ?
    They have no answer. None of them believe in Lyme so they just shut me up when I mention it.
    I’ve never been able to get my vision back.

  12. Can’t focus, needed glasses for the first time in my life. Also light sensitivity is horrible, especially with night driving.

  13. All of the above! No really it has been blurry, twitching, floaters, itchy, unable to focus. The worst was when I was at height of mold poison issue and I couldnt even open eyes. They had disgusting stuff coming out of them and super itchy.

    Lyme knows no boundaries. Everyone should be seeing an eye dr yearly for a special exam where they check behind eyes to see if Lyme is there. From what I understand, many eye drs know about this and have the testing knowledge, we just have to ask.

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