Recipes for Repair: The Expanded and Updated Second Edition

Recipes for Repair: The Expanded and Updated Second Edition:
A 10-Week Program to Combat Chronic Inflammation and Identify Food Sensitivities

Now back in an updated and expanded second edition, Recipes for Repair is your go-to guide for adopting the highly acclaimed Lyme Inflammation Diet, outlined within. Allowable foods are gradually introduced over the first 10 weeks, which will help you to combat inflammation, discover any unidentified food sensitivities and ultimately provide you with an individualized nutrition plan.

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This 312-page book features more than 180 recipes that are:

  • -Developed by Gail Piazza, a professional food stylist and recipe developer, with taste and ease in mind
  • Free of cane sugar, refined and artificial ingredients
  • Labeled with icons for quick identification of the many meals appropriate for vegetarian (155), dairy-free (161), egg-free (136) and/or Paleo (111)
  • 52 new recipes and 25 revised recipes
  • Symptom journal instruction
  • Information on how to incorporate cultured foods into your meals
  • Preparation tips and a 7-day meal plan to get you started


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