Recycle for Lyme

 Recycle for Lyme

NEW PROGRAM: Vitamin and Supplement Recycling Packaging Program

Recycle for Lyme is a program that allows anyone to take their empty vitamin and supplement packaging (glass and plastic) and instead of trashing it they can donate it to fund grants for Lyme patients in crisis through the Ticked Off Foundation. The packaging gets recycled into new things and patients get desperately needed grants (to buy more supplements!).

It’s free and only requires you to accumulate at least two pounds, put the donations in any old shipping box, request to print the prepaid shipping label and drop it off at your closest UPS drop off. Every pound of trash recycled raises a dollar for Lyme patients in crisis.

All our programs are found here: You can review what to recycle, print a collection flyer, request a shipping label, or find your closest UPS drop off, all from this page.

Here’s the collection pdf for you to review and post: ds/2016/12/Supplements-Oneshee t.pdf

Find us on facebook here: and join our lively community of collectors here:

Our trash becomes treatment!

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