Remembering those we lost to Lyme Disease and other Invisible Illnesses

Red Shoe Day, A Time of Remembrance

What is this?
Red shoe day, held on July 25th, is to remember all those we have lost to invisible illness such as Lyme, ME/CFS, Fibromyalgia and the many more illnesses that are invisible. We would love to extend this day to the last week in July. 

Why Red Shoes?
The concept of Red Shoe Day began in an Australian Lyme support group after Theda’s passing: It stemmed from a conversation with regarding what Theda’s favorite color was.

Her mom Carol replied: “Her favourite colour was green, unless it was shoes! She loved red shoes.”

Red Shoe day then was launched by Global Lyme and Invisible Illness Organisation, in her memory, and the memory of all we have lost to these “invisible diseases.”

Our goal is not to mourn our losses, our goal is to celebrate the lives that were lived by these angels.

If you have lost someone to Lyme or a related illness, please share a memory in the Red Shoe Day FB group. <3

Red Shoe Day Facebook Group:

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Red Shoes : Ally Sana Poem turned to song by Laura Vitale :

Montserrat’s Red Shoes from 2014.

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Read More about Red Shoe Day on the website:
Red Shoe Day:–a-d

From This year we are also trying to encourage the use of Hashtags so families and friends can see the memories shared. Please use #RedShoeDay Along with any / all hashtags below:
#Lyme #Borreliosis #TickBorne #InvisibleIllness–a-….

Lyme Disease Community Memorial

Global Faces of Lyme

Faces of Lyme Part 3, Our Children

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