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Research Links and Publications

lyme disease researchLyme As Related To Other Diseases

Click Here for an article on how Lyme Disease is Linked to MS, Alheimers, Parkinsons and many more Conditions and Illnesses.

Persistant Lyme 

Click here for articles and publications related to Persistance of Lyme Disease

Research Showing Transmission of Other Than Ticks

Click Here for articles and Publications related to Transmission of Tick Borne Infections


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    1. When that happens, it means the people who originally posted the articles have removed them or somehow reorganized their website and they now have a different link. AFter trying to keep up with the changing links for ten years and finding they change them almost yearly, I have given up… the best thing to do is to copy the title and post it in the google search so if the article still exists online you can find it. Sadly, Lyme research seems to disappear quickly

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