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Rhonda’s Wish

The Situation:

Christmas is three days away. My niece is living with
me,because she was homeless an in a domestic situation with
her kids father.She is in a rehab I am taking care of her
six kids. I am on disability with a lot of health issues I
have a lot of bills co-pays,rent, lights, gas, I cannot afford
to buy the kids gifts and it hurts me. Because the kids will
not have anything to unwrap on Christmas Day. I am under a
lot of stress. in a lot of physical pain from my illness. The
kids are sad. and I am just about ready to give up. They all
are wonderful kids that has been threw so much. I just need a
hand up making the kids Christmas the best ever.


Boy(14) wear
size 34/30 pants,101/2 shoes,18/20 coat, into Nike,mountainimageedit_64_8007303088
bikes, the kids wish is a bowling ball Wii to share

wears the same size as his brother.all of them need winter
clothing. coats hat, gloves, socks, underwear, pajamas, shoes

(11). Wear size 16 girls,or 1-2 women’s xlrg
shirt, 81/2 shoe ,16 coat, likes gift cards, baby alive

Girl(10) wear size 14/16 pants 81/2shoes,xlrg
shirts,like little mommy dolls,monster high,journey,girl (8)
wear size 10 xlrg shirt 8-81/2 shoe into tea

Girl(6) wear size 7 wear size 8 xlrg shirts
like Dora easy bake oven,table chair sets.could use Walmart
gift cards to buy food an personal items.need. toilet
paper,toothpaste etc…..cookware set,towels ,wash
clothes,queen-sized sheets,dishes,anything you can do will
be greatly appreciated.

How to donate to Rhonda:

You can email Rhonda for her address to send her gifts at


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