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imageedit_13_3441885467The Situation:
Both my husband and I have Lyme Disease and are on disability.  Although we have sufficient income to get by on, we barely have enough to keep a savings account open, nor can we afford to pay for a LLMD or treatment.  We do the best we can to manage our symptoms on our own, with the help of our PCP and the specialists we have to see from time to time.
If we were to ask for anything it would be help in finishing the house we live in.  Its a small house, only 800 square feet, and it is lovely, but still partially unfinished.  We had planned on finishing the work that was started by the previous owner (who got ill and died before completing the work), but don’t have the strength, energy, or finances it takes.  We are doing the work ourselves, so it is extremely slow and we have to be extra careful not to hurt ourselves when we do undertake a project.
We aren’t complaining really, as we feel so grateful to have found this little house.  The environment is paramount to our healing, which is why we chose to live here in the first place.  If we were to ask for anything, it would be for funds to hire a contractor to finish out the lower level, which still has a rough cement floor, wiring issues, and needs a half bath so that we can move our bedroom downstairs so that we can have a real living area upstairs.  We have a tiny kitchen upstairs that desperately needs new cabinets and a beautiful wood floor that needs refinishing.  Right now it is like living in a studio apartment because the living area is being used as a bedroom until the lower level gets finished.
We live in Washington State, just West of Tacoma off the Key Peninsula in the Pugent Sound on a tiny private island called Herron Island.  It is a sanctuary for all the wildlife that lives here.  We are both in our 50’s and our goal is to get this house finished and paid for so that we can retain our independence as we get older.  We were able to purchase the house through the Grace of God and a very kind rather short term owner finance.  Even though we don’t have comfortable accommodations for guests, our place is overflowing with friends and family during the summer months and quiet and peaceful throughout the rest of the year.  Once we finish the house we will focus on making this place more of a retreat for people who want/need a quiet place to come stay for a little while to focus on their healing holistically…like a little retreat…only they would be our guests…for free of course!
Anyway, that is my wish…or rather I should say, my dream.
Robin Kelly

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  1. Thank you “” for the $25.00 donation toward fixing our house. Every little bit helps so much and is sooooo appreciated.

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