Rocky Mountain Girls

This wish is for Kathy and her daughter.

The Situation:

Earlier today I heard it said that a miracle can come just as quickly and surely as disaster can strike. So, I’m choosing to hope for glad tidings of good news for all my fellow warriors with tick-borne disease.
My daughter and I both had Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever in 2012, and have since learned their were other infections as well- including Lyme. Bartonella and Babesia are also suspected. We can’t afford the antibiotic route the LLNP suggests for Lyme, but have found peace and hope by following the route my ND suggests – basically making our bodies a less desirable host for Lyme.
We are doing our part by avoiding all sugar, dairy, and all grains. However, we have not been able to purchase the herbs and natural supplements yet. We are also living in a moldy environment and need to rectify the problem. My husband works two jobs and I am working part-time. But the extra expenses of dealing with tick-borne diseases were obviously not part of our budget.
Any help sincerely appreciated. Also, all prayers for strength, health, provision and peace appreciated. Here are additional ways someone could help.
  • $847.20 for complete herb/supplement protocol for both of us (this is a one month cost, at wholesale discount)
  • $495.00 for air and surface silver technology sanitizer
  • $  99.95 for replacement cell for above
  • $269.00 far infrared sauna blanket (helps the body detox the Lyme)
  • $ big bucks to fix the mold problem
  • some type of sweet mother-daughter type necklace – my 11-yr-old is my biggest champion, and I am hers
  • gift cards (local stores include Sprouts, Target, Wal-Mart, Homeland, Kohl’s, Whole Foods or if a generic card, could use for paying doctor visit)

How to Donate to Kathy and her daughter:

Please use for contact information or to make a PayPal donation.
If you would prefer to purchase items like the herbs, infrared blanket or air sanitizer directly from the vendor, or make a payment to the doctor, the information can be provided. THANK YOU FOR EVEN READING THIS!
Note for Potential Donors:
If you donate to Kathy and her daughter, please comment in the section below so we can keep track of who has been donated to. Thank you!

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2 thoughts on “Rocky Mountain Girls”

  1. We received the sweetest Mother-Daughter necklaces! My daughter and I both love them. I also received some major good news today (the word BENIGN was used), and I know many of you had said prayers and sent positive energy my way. Thank you all.

    1. That is great! I just received the same results.. Heres to being benign!! Both of us! Yay!! Happy New Years Rocky Mountain Girls!

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