Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever

Rocky Mountain spotted fever is caused by the bacterium Rickettsia rickettsii. The bacterium is spread to humans through the bite of infected ticks, and so the disease is most common in months where ticks are active, such as summer. Rocky Mountains occurs throughout most of the U.S. Most cases require hospitalization, and severe cases require intensive care. The disease is diagnosed by finding high titers of antibodies in the blood or by seeing the organism under a microscope in specially stained skin biopsies. The treatment of choice is the antibiotic doxycycline (Vibramycin, Oracea, Adoxa, Atridox). Prompt treatment improves survival and reduces complications.

high fever
severe headache
chills fatigue and muscle pain/achiness
myalgias nausea
loss of appetite
gastrointestinal problems (10% will produce stools positive for occult blood)
light intolerance



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    1. i was bit by a tick it was in my back and i didn’t know it ithrought it was a blzckhead on my back my son norice it went to doctor yesterday he said t was a tick he pull it out gave me antibio to take so for i’m ok prayfully

  1. I am sad just reading your story. Insane that docs will not help you. We really do have to take our health into our own hands to get better. God bless you, and thank you for sharing, be well my friend.

  2. Could I share your story with the group that I started on facebook? It’s Survivors of Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever and Lyme Disease aka I understood everything that you wrote in your reply. RMSF tried to take my life in 2009 and to this day I can’t understand why so many doctors sent me home and basically ignored my textbook symptoms. If these doctors don’t think that this can be chronic, then they need to spend a day with some of us! I have written enough e-mails and letters to fill a book just trying to bring awarenss to this evilness that destroys lives!

    Feel free to join our open and free group if you are on facebook!

    1. I would love to join your group I spent over a year going to multiple dr and told I had fibromyalgia or depression and with my history of ulcers and IBS they ignored those symptoms as well! I had to resign from work in jan Bc I couldn’t physically work as an RN anymore the long hours and I had brain fog and after being told nothing was wrong with me by multiple physicians I was ready to give up! Finally I ended up in the ER again and apparently according to the dr I was psychotic well needless to say I don’t remember much of 3 days Bc finally a tick panel was done and I was positive for RMSP with a titer of 512, they however didn’t admit me just gave me a round of doxycycline and retested my titer which was at 256, I finally got in with an infectious disease dr my titer is still 128 and he wouldn’t test me for Lyme disease Bc he said it isn’t prevalent in OK, after reading stories like yours and other articles I’m furious at dr who treat us the way we get treated I’m a single mom with 2 kids and I need to be my best but it’s like they don’t care, I was also told my liver was bad but after reading the rickettsia attacks it now I know why but I was told it was from drinking and EOD the day they found my tick diagnosis I’m furious wondering why I wasn’t admitted to the hospital and now feel helpless Bc I still have a high titer and all the symptoms if anyone knows of a good dr in Oklahoma for this please let me know, and just so everyone knows and if you want to relate theirs a great article in a magazine called Linked west Moore in the August issue about 3 Oklahomans who went through what we all have. I’m scared I’m going to lose everything maybe even my life if I don’t get the proper treatment

    2. I feel the frustration. Have for 3 yrs now. Been on waiting list for 6 months one understands the pain I have. I also was diagnosed with chairi 1 malformation here recently. Rmsf 1 and a half yrs ago. At a certain cycle I am literally a cripple. Just so frustrated.

  3. I also have a tick-borne illness similar in presentation to Lyme Disease. It is called Spotted Fever Rickettsiosis and my “Paired Sera Sample” tested IgG & IgM positive In June 2010 at the California Department of Health Viral & Rickettsial Disease Laboratory (CDPH-VRDL)-Richmond, CA. The CDPH-VRDL sent the remaining sera to the Centers for Disease Control-Rickettsial Zoonoses Branch (CDC-RZB) in Atlanta, GA and detected two forms of Rickettsioses. In a similar fashion to Lyme Disease sufferers, I too have been told that Chronic Rickettsiosis does not exist by Infectious Disease Society of America (IDSA) affiliated physicians and that my CDPH & CDC test results are false positives. When I point out to IDSA doctors that typhus is a chronic rickettsial disease, I am asked to leave their office. Although I took oral antibiotics for 8 weeks & my symptoms ultimately returned, I have been denied follow-up appointments, treatment, and molecular testing by the same doctors that diagnosed me. Despite my co-infection with hepatitis C (HCV) and a stern warning by a CDC Scientist-Physician that I “need to find a thorough doctor that will follow you closely because the target organ for rickettsia is the liver”, I have been unable to do so. Spotted Fever Rickettsiosis is considered curable with one standard course of antibiotics and any deviation from this IDSA dogma of one treatment & you are cured has gotten me categorized as a difficult patient and now I am being denied any further HCV treatment until the Spotted Fever Rickettsiosis issue is resolved. But I cannot get effectively retested & retreated because ANY chronic tick-borne diseases are anathema to IDSA doctors and I currently are being denied follow-up appointments for rickettsiosis AND hepatitis C.

    Dr. Phil and other healthcare media should move forward with further exposure of this criminal practice of denying healthcare to people only because they were bitten by insects carrying dangerous diseases that have caused serious chronic health issues.

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