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imageedit_13_3441885467The Situation:

I have lyme, mycoplasma, and a few coinfections, but can’t even touch it b/c I am so sick from mold. We’ve lost 3 homes in 6 years. I was bed ridden 3 months ago. It was so severe that my husband and I had to leave our kids with my parents, travel to the southwest and we have been camping in a tent every since…going on 3 months. We are no closer to finding a place I can tolerate than when we first started. My husband quit his job and we lost our main insurance. We have a small income (very small) coming in every month, and we do have insurance but we are getting hit left and right with bills that we didn’t have to pay when we had great insurance and it’s scary being in this situation. We are facing Christmas w/out our kids and I will miss my 9 year old son’s 10th birthday 3 weeks after Christmas. I am tearing up by talking about this. I am extremely hypersensitive to not only even 1 spore of mold, but to chemicals too. I get dizzy entering any home or building. We are desperately trying to figure this out. Driving from place to place is extremely expensive for gas. That is something we aren’t able to cover, that we don’t have money for. My parents are covering taking care of our children.


  • Gas money
  • Money to pay medical bills as they come up.
  • Prayers that we will have a safe, mold and chemical free place soon so that we can have our kids with us and my husband can find a job.

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Wishes Granted so Far

12/13/2014 Sarah received one cash donation from the Holiday Wishlist.
12/22/2014 $25 donation in memory of Chrissy Morbelli. <3


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