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imageedit_13_3441885467I need help paying medical bills for my late stage lyme disease. With your help I stand a strong chance to recover and be able to live life again.

It isn’t easy for me to tell my story and ask for help but I no longer have a choice so here it goes…

Lyme disease is a corkscrew shaped bacteria that goes everywhere in your body effecting everything from brain function to your central nervous system. Often called the “great imitator” of diseases because of the wide variety of problems it causes making treatment and diagnosis difficult. Lyme Disease is controversial on so many levels. To get proper treatment from a Lyme Literate Physician I have to go outside of my health insurance company.

I am now 27 on my own and trying to begin my life together with my boyfriend Michael but have become so sick I can no longer work. The ability to keep recieving this desperately needed treatment…would be life changing. I don’t feel like I’m asking for the world just to be able to get the help I need so I can go on living again. Be a productive member of society, get married, be able to have a child one day.

I grew up in a nice home, had lots of friends, went on to play Volleyball in college until my sophomore year of College the symptoms of Lyme began and I was forced to give up my scholarship because of it. This was a horrible let down because Volleyball had been my whole life and passion. Even though I could no longer play sports I continued to persue my education. I transferred to Texas State and was forced to leave, drop out mid semester my Senior year due to more complications from Lyme disease. People have to understand when you have a disease like this you don’t get better in a day week or month. It takes continuous work.

After leaving college my parents had me live with my Aunt for a couple years to help take care of me because my mother also has lyme disease and was too sick to care for me. I tried job after job after job only able to hold one for a short period of time before I would get too sick to work again. This really hurt my self esteem because all my friends that I had grown up with were type A personality, ambitious, hard working, and living life to the fullest. The days that I am too sick to even get out of bed just make me want to cry. The Lyme is now effecting my heart and its function and I will die from this disease whithout help.  I am only 27…and I deserve a fighting chance to be able to have the things in life many people take for granted. I have bills stacking up that need to be payed yesterday so I am setting my pride aside to ask for help, please.

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