September Fundraisers

ribbonHere is a list of fundraisers for Lyme patients that are happening now. If you can help, please do. These people are really in need and even a small donation can make a huge difference in their lives. And of course, we are not asking other Lyme patients or those who are in need to help, just those that are able. Thank you. ♥

Just click on the below links to see the different fundraisers. 

Please Help Elizabeth Regain Her Health

Please Help Gia Get the Help She Needs

Medical Fundraiser for my Mom

Linda and Jimmy’s Funds

Donations for Ann-Marie’s Medical Funds

Hope and Healing for Robin

Help for Crystal’s Medical Expenses

Please Help Marla Raise Money for Aggressive Lyme Disease Treatment

Medical Fundraiser for Ari

Help Lisa’s Chronic Lyme Treatment

A Ride for Lisa

Help Karen fun her Lyme Treatment

Beth and Angie’s Medical Expenses

Leannas Medical Treatment Fund

Back to Health Fund for Mary Ann

Help Roya Recover

Kenny Kickin’ Lyme

Candice Kreidel



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