Shay’s Lyme Disease Story

whatislymebannerShay Faulkner sent in this story to share…

Here is her story.hsary

“I’ve always been a hard worker, more of a work alcoholic than a normal 9-5 worker. I got bit by a deer tick the first weekend of May 2013, while at work. You see, I was an Animal Control Officer and I went on an injured deer call. I took precautions spraying down with deet, doing a tick check not because I knew anything about Lyme Disease but because ticks are just gross.

Two days later I removed a deer tick that was embedded in my neck. I went to the doctor and was dismissed. ..and the journey through Lyme hell began. It took a year of going from doctor to doctor and finally a lady on Facebook commented on a picture I posted of my bulls-eye rash (I had no clue that was what it was because the internal medicine Doctor called it a random rash.) This lady saved my life!

I started seeking diagnosis, testing and treatment. I filed for workers compensation but was denied for 2 reasons. (1st) too much time had past, (2nd) I couldn’t prove the tick that bit me came from the injured deer.

Fast forward to May 2015. I could no longer work. I have always lived on my own, I’m not married. I could no longer afford basic living expenses, not to mention medical expenses without employment I had no insurance. Thank God for my mom! I currently live with her, she is 73 years old and is trying to support us both on her social security check. We do not qualify for foodstamps, Medicaid or any government help… apparently you must pop out babies in order to receive a helping hand.

I have filed for social security but as many of you know it is a long process. We have planted a garden in order to put food on the table. I’m doomed if anything happens to my mom or if any of our utilities bills go up. I’m on my last 4 weeks of Antibiotic IVs not because I’m better, but because it can no longer be in the budget. So, that’s the cliff notes of my story…unfortunately, in the Lyme Disease Community it is too common.

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3 thoughts on “Shay’s Lyme Disease Story”

  1. Ohhhh Shay, I get it. And I’m so sick of the ignorant medical community. Right now they want me to have the same expensive blood tests I had 6 months ago along with liver and spleen ultrasound and liver biopsy, etc., etc. I have insurance but it doesn’t really matter when you can’t afford the deductible and co-pays. I continue to tell them I believe this stems from Lyme’s and I need them to have that integrated into any diagnosis that they are again working on.

    The tick “got me” in 2012. Actually two ticks. One gave me Lymes and the other gave me some other type of infection/disease which I know nothing about. I was in the hospital for a week not able to eat or drink, fever, etc. I was stuck and prodded in any opening I had and that time my share of the bill was only about $3,000. Might as well have been $1,000,000. No one believed I had Lymes (or that it could be that bad) so meds treatment didn’t start for over a month later. Too late.
    I don’t know what to do anymore. I want to tell the doctors to take all of their tests and sho** them. What a miserable life.

  2. I’m so sorry! We r on the same road.. I have 3 boys.. We all have it, however, my oldest has it in his brain. We slowed treatment for 6 weeks to save money.. Not good.
    Now we r back to dealing with severe mental stuff. We need a loan or I need to get a weekend job. Have u applied for disability?
    My son tried going back to school n his cognitive issues are bad. He is failing. He was an “A” student.
    I can pray for u and ur situation. God give u strength and perseverance to carry on! Dawn NJ

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