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  1. I have suffered with Lyme Disease for two years, at the very least. That is when I was diagnosed through Igenex. This last year it flared due to vaccinations I took for a mission trip, and I had no idea vaccinations would make Lyme Disease flare up, but it did, I had a high fever, started vomiting, didn’t quit for six months, finally had to take off work for six months, had lots of prayers going for me, and found a great LLMD out of State that my Insurance covered. I have been on oral antibiotics for a year and the IV antibiotics for only one month, but what a difference. The co infections immediately started going down, my stomach calmed, and I actually could get out of bed or off the couch. I am happy to say, I have been off work since April 2012 and returned November 2013 due to great LLMD and God. I will never be totally rid of Lyme Disease, but I sure enjoy the remission for as long as it stays! God Bless you all and I will always pray for all of us, that somehow we can make a difference and start getting medical treatment.

    1. I’m really happy you started getting better again Nancy! It’s so scary when you reach remission or a stable functional place and symptoms start returning. I think vaccinations are so scary and cause so much harm. It’s scary. But I’m glad you are doing better. Very encouraging.

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