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Lyme in South Africa

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The low reported incidence of Lyme disease in South Africa is likely due to the Lack of Awareness and Research Effort. The SA Dept of Health does not believe that I got Lyme disease in South Africa. In Feb 2010 I was diagnosed with Lyme disease + co-infections – bitten in my own garden near Johannesburg over 25 years ago… Due to this, I now post articles in this blog which I feel you should read if you suspect that you too may have Lyme disease and/or any of many its co-infections. Read More Here 

2 thoughts on “South Africa Lyme Friends please check out this website!”

  1. HI Lynne
    I’m very interested in being able to read your blog. I am South African by birth and was bitten by a tick during my twenties. I had an awful fever,chills,headache and hallucinations, but never saw a doctor as I got “better” after a while. However, I have developed what my current doctor thinks may be chronic fatigue syndrome amongst other things. I mentioned to my previous doctor approx 3 years ago who is also from SA that I thought I might have Lyme Disease. He didn’t bat an eyelid and informed me that ticks in SA don’t infect one with Lyme’s even though I mentioned finding the tick on me, the mark and the symptoms that followed. I’m in my early fifties now and feel more like the living dead which is understandably causing me and my family much distress. I would be most grateful to be able to read your story and perhaps share it with my current doctor. He may be willing to do a test… Looking forward to hearing from you. Regards, Debbie

    1. That tick was carrying something. It could be a different strain of Borrelia than what we have in the U.S. causing a similar disease. If no one’s studied the ticks to find out, how do they know?

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