STARI (Southern Tick-Associated Rash Illness)


(Southern Tick-Associated Rash Illness)

Southern Tick Associated Rash Illness (STARI), also known as Masters disease, occurs after the bite of the lone star tick. The disease is thought to be caused by the bacterium Borrelia lonestari.Early STARI symptoms are similar to symptoms of early Lyme disease. A skin lesion that looks like a Lyme disease bull’s eye rash appears at the site of the tick bite. Treatment with an antibiotic regimen similar to that used for LD helps resolve STARI.Symtpoms Fever Headache Lesion at bite site

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  1. The symtoms are exactly like Lyme . This information here is incomplete . The CDC does not have a test for this or have they studied it but yet they said the don’t think it has log term effects ????? .NOT SO! This tick infection mimics Lyme . I was bitten by 2 ticks on June 6 , 2016. lower lumbar(spine) area. couldn’t stand up stright I was stooping over . Like u injured yourself .During that time I felt weak, low energy , didn’t feel well .18 days after the tick bite I noticed a very large red irregular circle 5″ in diameter surrounding the bite site . No bulls eye , completely red . In the center it had purple marks like a bruise in the center . I had serious flu like symtoms fever , then chills, aches all over , pains in my joints, & hands ,blurry vision, digestive issues .very weak . They gave me 3 weeks doxycillen . A few days being on it my Symtoms got worse .Ended up in ER , BP was 200 , scary . It’s called HERX effect . Look it up . Doxycillen is drug of choice for most tick infections but MOST IMPORTANT U NEED TO GO TO INFECTIOUS DISEASE DR. And have them test u for Co-infections ticks carry other bacterias that can damage all your organs , joints etc. they can cause all types of serious illnesses . THIS IS SO IMPORTANT . It’s now DEC. And I’m still being made sick by these co infections . It’s so Debilating . If ur even bitten go to dr 3-5 days after encounter , don’t wait for the red circle or bulls eye to appear. Also if ur test comes back negituve at first make them test u again . There are many false negitives in the beginning of the illness. With or without symtoms don’t take No for an answer , it’s your health is at risk .

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