State Carpools for Mayday

Click on your state to find the carpool near you traveling to Mayday!

(If your state is not clickable, it means that noone has volunteered as of yet.)

Make sure to read the comments in the bottom section too because I see people are making plans down there in some states. 

Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, DC VolunteersFlorida, Georgia, Hawaii, IdahoIllinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, LouisianaMaine,
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Denver Area Carpool
Contact:Mari Burke
 Message from Mari: Looking for Carpooling from Colorado! I would love to go…and possibly could drive but not alone!!! Message me if you’re interested in going to Mayday from Colorado!


Palm Beach Area
Contact People: Jersey Hollıe and Diane Ippoliti. Let us know if you want to drive along with us!  You can message Jersey on Facebook.

Clearwater/St Petes Area:
Debbie Thomspon: Would love to go. I’m on the west coast of Florida, just north of Clearwater/St. Pete. Could help with driving, and gas., so if anyone is coming up this way….Thank you! Contact on Facebook Page

Tammy Hilton

I live near the Villages, and my best friend and I are most likely driving up as well. I won’t know for sure for a little bit. My daughter-in-law is due to have a baby May 9th. So, will be up in Illinois for that. But, I soo want to go to this, I might just make her do jumping jacks to get her have that baby soon enough for me to make it. I will let you know for sure.


Shelley Carpool
Carpool Coordinators: Gale and Jenna Dredge
Contact: Email:

Debbie Basler says:

I live in Montana..I have lyme..would love to go to the mayday….I’ve met my boyfriend, whom also has lyme, lives in Virginia so I could stay with him once I get there…he to is planning on attending mayday..thank yo


Waterloo and Cedar Rapids Area Carpool
Jenny Hunziker Contact Info: Facebook


Alexandria Carpool
Carpool Coordinator: Shelia Roberts St Romain
Contact info:


Barbara Boudreau Hamm: Email is
Please read comment below also. Reply to the people in the comments below if it is something that would work out for you too.


Hagerstown Carpool
Coordinator:  Trish Bailey Hykes


State Coordinator: Steph

Ruth James says:

I’m in Holland …

Wendy Schryver says:

I am in Ann Arbor.

I am willing to share room and gas too if you don’t mind we could get room with two beds

Missouri Carpools

Message from: Monique Brunious: looking for a carpool from Illinois or Missouri, if interested contact me at

New Jersey Carpools

South New Jersey

Elaine Kelly Email me if you want to put together a carpool! 
I am in south Jersey … would be interested if I could find a car pool this way …

South New Jersey

(toms river or ocean county area)
Email Melissa at
I’ve got an 8 seater SUV for mayday leaving from exit 74 rest stop on the garden state parkway.

Jessica Schondel says:

Elaine, I am in Central…near the beautiful city of Trenton. Got a minivan…not in the greatest shape. If not, we could always rent something. At this moment, planning on bringing my sis in law.

John Cosolito says:

Elaine, I am right in your area, I am planning on attending.

New York Carpools

Buffalo Carpool

Contact: Tonya Lewis
I’ll be driving from Buffalo, through PA. My email is I can take up to 4 people.

Bonnie Covell says:

Hi, is ur car full yet? i’m very interested in going to the mayday rally. my 22yr old has lyme w/rocky mt spotted fever. diagnosed in aug 2013. find me on facebook as easiest way 2 contact me besides by phone. hope we can connect. : )



Contact Laura Mollenhauer at Facebook or Email at


Bambi Albert says:

I am available to drive and have room for 3 more but no hotel room and no $$$$$. HELP
Contact Bambi on Facebook 


Contact Nancy Malachowski at

People that Need Rides

Delaware Co PA carpool? My husband and I are both disabled. If we could be driven to Mayday from near where we live…Delaware County PA…Sharon Hill or Drexel Hill somewhere in that area please let us know. Thanks!


  1. Nancy M. says:

    I’m in!!! I can drive. Anyone with me will have to be non-smoker, and free of ALL scented products, as I have acute MCS. I am in Lanc. Co. :)

  2. Debra Corrie says:

    considering if i could find enough to go with and share gas , i have a mini van, so if interested in going shoot me an email!!

    Rhode Island

    Heather gaffett says:

    Anyone able to pick up a lymie from Rhode Island ??? Let me know… Thanks !!!!!

    Tennessee Carpools

    Bonnie Huntsinger
    I am in Nashville, Tennessee and currently in need of a ride. I had to give up driving because of severe tremors attacks…but if that symptom improves, I can drive. I still have a current driver’s license. God bless. Please contact me if you want to help put together a carpool from Tennessee.

    Julie says:

    Bonnie, my daughter has Lyme and wants to go. She’s 16 and has a hard time traveling for long periods. If we decide to drive we’ll contact you. Not sure yet. We’re also trying to raise funds while spreading awareness by selling support bracelets.

Susan says:
I am interested in going.possibly taking my car. Anyone in nearby Mississippi or Arkansas.



Texas Carpools

Nancy Sanford Any group going by way of Texas? Would pay half of gas prices. 972-832-2319

I might consider carpooling this year….I’m in Texarkana. If you are going to VA, you’d have to pass through Texarkana. I was thinking maybe folks in OK could go to. Make Texarkana and Little Rock meeting points. Any input?

Ashley Bell says:

I am in Dallas Texas. I am looking to carpool to VA to participate in MayDay.
Anyone interested?
I could get up and over a State or two by bus to meet.

Utah Carpool

Deborah Painter says:

Looking into driving from Utah-anybody else interested?

Virginia Carpool

Blacksburg Carpool

Contact: Erin Doty Senger Email:

Wisconsin Carpools

If you are interested please email I will add you into the Wisconsin Carpool Facebook event group. As we get more details I’ll post them here too.

11 thoughts on “State Carpools for Mayday”

  1. I so desperately wanted to go but my transmission on my car went and my landlord sent me a letter of eviction just last week for I have nothing but debt and cannot work. Story of our lives sadly. I was an activist before all of this happened so it kills me that I can’t get there. I couldn’t afford room but tried to only to have so much go wrong that has made it impossible.

  2. Needing help from north GA. Anyone from n GA, TN, or sc going? I can meet you to ride with. I can drive just no car. Please let me know. My plans just fell through.

  3. I’m looking for a ride from Fairfax, VA which is next to Arlington. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

  4. I am in Nashville, Tennessee and currently in need of a ride. I had to give up driving because of severe tremors attacks…but if that symptom improves, I can drive. I still have a current driver’s license. God bless…XO

  5. Looking for Carpooling from Colorado! I would love to go…and possible could drive but not alone!!! Colorado isn’t click able yet…so not sure if there are others wanting to come from Colorado yet….


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